Bath Time!

So in my journey to make myself better, I've realised that I am not very good at doing nothing.

I try my best but nope, I'm usually found either with my laptop in front of me editing something, social mediaing (don't think that's actually a word but anyways) on my iPod, playing Animal Crossing on my DSi, watching TV or studying something.

I'm pretty constant in these things.  However, I've found out that doing the whole pacing yourself thing, doesn't just mean not being physically active for parts of the day, but mentally too!  This is where I'm struggling.  I'm happy to relax in my room or on the sofa but I'll be doing something stated above!

So I've come up with a solution...


Now I'm not a fan of having a bath, I prefer to take showers, simply because it's hard to do the things stated above in the bath. (not that you can do them in the shower, but a shower is quicker & you're not just laying there with nothing to do)  Well you could do them in the bath I guess if you don't mind ruining your gadgets, books or risk being electrocuted...

Hmmm yeah so moving on from that thought;

Now I haven't had a bath in a long time, the only time I ever have a bath is if I've injured myself, either falling from a Horse (which does happen) or my shoulder is playing up and even then I don't stay in long enough to relax.  So you can see me having baths to make me relax & have down time, wasn't going to come easy.

To prepare for my looming first bath in a long time, I decided to make myself a bath time playlist on my iPod.  Nice relaxing songs that I could hum along too & that would help me in my quest to relax.

So I had my first bath on Sunday & it went surprising well!  The music really helped & I ended up staying in for an hour & a half - SUCCESS!

It took a while but I did feel like I began to relax & actually enjoyed it.  I'm thinking of getting some candles & maybe a bath cushion so I'll be a bit cosier.  I enjoyed that bath so much that I had another one on Monday. This one didn't go so well, I didn't feel as relaxed, I didn't get the water as hot, not that I want it so hot that it boils me, but a little hotter would have been great.  At first I couldn't figure out what went wrong but after thinking about it, I think I worked it out...

On the Sunday, though exhausted, I wasn't aching too much so it didn't hurt when I got in the bath.  Monday I'd had quite a long day, I'd really over done & was so exhausted & hurting everywhere (imagine having restless leg syndrome but more intense & all over your body) that I just didn't know where to put myself.  So when I had my bath, though I managed to stay in for about an hour, I just couldn't relax because I just couldn't get cosy.  I'm not going to let it put me off my quest of having baths to relax, it just means I need to be better at the pacing side & not over do it anymore.

Though regarding the pacing, I've not done a great job of it this week.  It started Monday, then snowballed to Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday.  So here I am Friday, riding lesson cancelled, sat on the sofa in my Batman PJ's, though I'm not feeling I could save Gotham if it were in peril anytime soon.  The fire is on as I'm freezing, exhausted & slightly achy.  I've edited a quick video & uploaded it, I'm working on today's vlog, just recording, editing it tomorrow.  I was almost ready to turn the laptop off when I realised that the blog post I wanted to write earlier this week, needed to be written. 

So now that is done, I'm going to go get some lunch & try to unplug myself from the world for a little bit & see if I can relax a bit.

It seems now that all that's left to say is...


Lo xxx