Time for Bed Baby Bear!

Did I tell you guys that I now have a Bedtime????  I haven't had a Bedtime since I was school but after being told I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I noticed something in the information I had been given...

Going to bed at the same time each night & getting up at the time every morning can help the condition.

Now, on paper, or a computer screen in this case, it seems easy;  Just pick a time, head to bed, set your alarm for your chosen time, go to sleep & wake up all sunny & full of life!  HAHA!

I have always had trouble when it's come to sleeping. As a very small child, if I was tired, I would just sleep... anywhere & anytime.  If that time was during the day, you could be sure my poor parents, usually my mum, would be up most of the night, reading me stories & sitting at the end of my bed until I finally fell asleep.  As I got older, the only things that changed was I wasn't falling asleep during the day & my mum doesn't read to me until I go to sleep - though sometimes I wonder if the latter may help...  I kid of course... or do I????

Anyways, I remember when I was in Primary School my bedtime was about 7 - 7:30pm, though I wouldn't go straight to sleep, I'd play, read, colour & eventually fall to sleep.  When I got to High School, I didn't seem to have a set bedtime anymore, I just headed to bed when I felt tired - I'd like to think that was around 10pm, maybe closer to 11pm & then I'd read or watch a film & fall asleep after a while.

Once I left school & started working, I just carried on heading to bed when I felt tired or as soon as I started falling asleep on the sofa!  I would always make sure I was in bed early if I had to get up early but I'd usually end up reading, watching a film/TV or playing on my DS (once I got that) & then hours after heading to bed, I'd go to sleep.

It's always been very rare for me to get into bed, turn out my light & be asleep shortly after my head hits the pillow - how I envy the people that can do that!

My set bedtime is 9pm, now that may seem quite early BUT due to the fact that it takes me a couple of hours to actually go to sleep, it works out that I am not usually awake long after 11pm & I'm waking up on my own between 7 & 8am, which I'm very happy with!

However, it's taken a good few weeks to get into the routine.  Many nights I wasn't in bed, light off for 9pm, it was more 10pm & then that would mean it was around midnight or after that I was drifting off to sleep & then waking up after 9am.  But I didn't give up & it's becoming easier now I've been trying to do it longer.  I'm not saying I'm achieving it every night, but I'd like to say 4/5 nights a week I'm getting there & waking up between 7 & 8am, like I'm wanting on my own.  I only set my alarm now if I've got to go out in the morning - like on a Friday & a Saturday.

Am I feeling better for it?

Well, for the most part, yes, I believe I am.  Now don't misunderstand, I'm not cured by any means, I'm not waking up feeling well rested, refreshed, full of beans & ready for the day! In all honesty, I've kind of forgotten what that feels like, it's been so long.  But, there are days where I feel like I'm able to cope better with the day ahead of me because I feel like I'm getting the 8 hours sleep my body needs to fight this horrible illness.  The days when I don't feel that, are the days when I've, for some reason, had a very broken nights sleep.  These type of nights are occurring every few nights right now, I'm not sure why, I think it might just be the nature of the illness but I'm hoping that some point, the nights that I'm sleeping through will be more than the nights I'm not.

But for now, I feel like in this area of dealing with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I'm on the winning road.  I'm still struggling in other areas, but I'll tell you about them another time.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on what I'm rambling on about in this blog, please do leave me a comment.  If you are a fellow CFS/ME sufferer, I'd love to hear your experience in how you're dealing with or dealt with this awful illness, I'm still new at this & would love all the help I can get in beating this thing!

I'd also like to think that my one day my documented experience will in turn help someone else who is just starting out on the road to recovery (though I wouldn't wish this thing on my worst enemy!)

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Now as 9pm is drawing ever closer, I guess all that's left to say is...


Lo xxx