The Green, Orange & Purple Stuff

A couple of months ago, mum, while she was away, was talking to one of her friends, who had CFS. She started Veggie Juicing & it pretty much got rid of most of her symptoms. She's now so much better, has a pretty normal life & if she has days where she feels under the weather, shall we say, she drinks the veggie juices for a few days & it puts her back on track!

Now I'm at the stage with my CFS where I'm pretty... desperate (I guess that word fits) & am willing to try anything! I'm not above admitting that the state of my health does actually scare me at times, the roughest days are a waking nightmare that doesn't end when I sleep, because I hardly sleep & that in turn is making me very unbearable to live with - I'm Grumpy x infinity! (That's putting it mildly I think) Oh & when I'm not a total grouch, all I want to do is cry because I'm so over tired & my body is screaming in pain, plus all the other fun symptoms I get!

So yeah desperate, actually I'm not sure desperate cuts it but can't think of a better word...

Anyways, a week after mum got home, we invested in a juicer - NutriBullet.  It's the best one we found as there's no waste at all. It will take every part of whatever vegetable you put in it, so you're getting every tiny little nutrient it contains. It also comes with recipe ideas but we haven't tried any of those. Mum got a book that lists pretty much every fruit & vegetable & what it can help with & this is what we've been using to come up with combinations to help me.

Now I will say for the record, vegetables are not my favourite thing. I love Carrots, sweetcorn, Beetroot & tolerate cabbage but as for the rest of the vegetables out there, I'm not a big fan. I've always been more of a fruit eater. But as I said.... DESPERATE!

So we (mum is drinking them with me!) started off just having one a day, for lunch & then I have an apple. I find them quite filling (they are more of a meal for me than a drink) so this is all I have for lunch but I usually have a cup of tea & a granola bar after a few hours.

After a week of letting my body get use to me now eating a lot of raw veggies & getting all those extra nutrients, I started having one for breakfast with a piece of toast. The one for breakfast was a nice orange colour & actually tasted ok compared to the green one!

After a few weeks of having the orange stuff for breakfast & the green stuff for lunch, I decided that the green stuff was actually doing me more good. So this past week I've started having the green stuff for breakfast as well.

Ok I'm sure you're all wondering if it's doing me any good? Am I feeling better? Well yes actually I am! I'm not saying this stuff is a cure however, I've noticed that even though I'm still dealing with my CFS symptoms day in, day out, I have a lot more days now, where they aren't as intense as they use to be. My worse days aren't as awful as they use to be. The extra nutrients & goodness from the raw veggies is helping my body deal with the extra strain of the illness.

Now there's no point putting myself through drinking this healthy if I was to still be eating a load of rubbish. So I'm trying to stay away from junk food, especially sugar (which actually includes not having too much fruit!) as it can actually set of certain symptoms. Since lowering my intake of sugar & all things that taste good, I've picked up on its affects, whereas I hadn't before, so this is making me a bit more acute to certain triggers, makes me feel like I'm getting a bit more of a handle on my illness. 

Also since starting this whole juicing thing, I've discovered I'm allergic to blueberries! My mum decided to make us a treat & juiced up some strawberries, bananas & blueberries. Nicest tasting & best colour of juice I've ever had! Also the only juice that I've had that I thought was going to hospitalise me! The pain I was in after having it was the worse I've ever experienced, from my toes to the top of my head! After an hour or so it started to subside & the next day I was so exhausted & sore but hey live & learn right?!

But all in all my juicing experience is going well, the only thing I have to say, is that I'm having to keep an extra eye on my weight as though the juices are filling me, they aren't exactly high in the calorie department. So the granola bars & yoghurts & a decent about of protein for dinner everyday are essential to help me not lose more weight. Especially since I'm wanting to work in a third juice everyday as I'm struggling to sleep some nights due to my body aching more now at night.

After all that, I guess I should let you guys know about the veggies in the juices I'm having. So here you go....

The Green Stuff -  This is the main juice I have. I'm not going to say it tastes great, because it doesn't to me. I just stick a straw in it & swallow it down, then drink a load of water after it!
It has in it:

Apparently this combination of veggies is very good for those of us with CFS. Celery & Cucumber 
are especially good for pain relief. I can attest to this, as it helped rid me of a particularly bad migraine that no strong pain killers could!

The Orange Stuff - This is the  juice I was having at breakfast with my toast. It did actually taste ok & no water needed to help swill it down!

It has in it:

The carrots apparently help with the reproduction of blood cells which helps those with anaemia, like me.

The Purple Stuff - So even though this stuff almost killed me, I thought you'd like to know what went in it as it tasted so good! 

Here's what's in it:
Blueberries - the evil killer berry!

So there you go, there's a bit of info on my juicing & pictures to go with it!  I'm certainly feeling the benefits & it's only been about a month since I started & now I'm having to green stuff twice a day, I'm feeling more benefit!

Next time I'll have to tell you about my latest doctors experience but for now, I guess all that's left to say is....

Laters xxx