"Just Keep Swimming" - Hydrotherapy

When seeing my original wonderful doctor, (the one that first diagnosed me) she suggested seeing a Physical Therapist to see if they could give me any gentle stretches to help keep my muscle strength up. 

The waiting list for this is quite long & my appointment was last Thursday morning. The person I saw was so lovely & when I explained why I was there, she didn't dismiss the illness or look at me like I was wounded, (which I get a little bit of) she took notes & seemed to be familiar with the illness, which is always a bonus!

She told me about one of her colleagues that runs Hydrotherapy sessions & specialises in chronic pain related illnesses. Oh for those that aren't sure, Hydrotherapy is basically doing exercises in water, this means there's less impact on your body as you exercise & also the warm water helps relax & ease the pain in your muscles, which is wonderful for people suffering chronic pain. 

I then had my muscle strength checked throughout my body. This was done by pushing against her hand with certain muscles, for example, I had to try & straighten my legs as she pushed against my feet.  She said she could tell that I was a Horse Rider from certain muscles being stronger than others! I was also told that I hadn't lost too much strength, which I was really happy about, as that's a huge worry for me. I've been given a stretch to help strengthen a couple of my leg muscles, which when I do, my legs shake & ache so bad but if they help, then I'm all for it!

After that, we went through some questions regarding the Hydrotherapy & what we found really amusing was way down the list was to check if the person was afraid of water! You'd think that would be at the top of the list!  Thankfully I'm not afraid of water, in fact it's the complete opposition. I love the water & have been going to swimming pools since I was a toddler & spent most of my life swimming. I've had years of swimming lessons, which I was sent to simply because I would make my parents panic when we went swimming as I spent most of my time wanting to be under the water! It's no surprise that I love diving!

I've since spoken to the lady that runs the Hydrotherapy & she's told me that she runs a class just for people with ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia, which is truly wonderful! So I'm going to be joining that one & I've had a ne all giving me all the details. I'm really looking forward to getting started, though I am also a little apprehensive as I'm not sure how exhausted it might make me or what the payback from it will be like, though those issues right now are out of my control, it's not even happened yet, so I'm trying not to focus too much on it.

The first session is actually in a week, however, there's a slight complication... My newly injured knee! I've told the lady about it & that I'm on crutches right now. I'm hoping it will have settled down by next week, but I am under orders to rest it & it's vital that it gets fully better & doing too much on it, will likely delay that. So I'm not sure if it would be wise, even in water, to do any exercise for a couple of weeks, but we'll see.  I've said I'll let her know by next Wednesday if I'll be able to go or not & to rearrange an appointment if I can't.  I'm also waiting on an appointment to see her at the doctors surgery for an assessment.

The email I was sent was wonderfully detailed with everything I need & also about the people that run the Hydrotherapy. It's not NHS run, which I was actually surprised at, it's run by a charity called Bay Aqua Therapy & have no NHS funding at all & it's the only charity of it's type in my area. They rely solely on donations to keep going, if you're in the Morecambe/Lancaster area of Lancashire in the UK, please check out their website - www.bayaquatherapy.org.uk

I feel things a moving now, I feel there's more light at the end of that very dark tunnel & that recovery is more of a possibility than before. Actually, just writing about this has really helped as I've been at a slight breaking point most of this week, (watching Greys Anatomy today certainly didn't help haha) mainly thanks to the pain & discomfort of my knee, this is a good reminder that good things are happening & I am getting help & support to get better. I needed that today & I think that's why I decided to post - two in one week - don't get use to that, it won't happen often hehe!

If you want more details or information on my physio session & the hydrotherapy, just leave me a comment & I'll try & help or point you to the people that can. I'll definitely be doing more it's on this & you'll get to know all about my first session & what happens. One thing I am looking forward to is being able to connect to more people going through what I am, as unless you get it, you really don't "get it". 

Well, I guess that's pretty much it. I'm off to get my green juice (oh yes I'm still suffering those) a cup of tea & a granola bar for lunch.  I hope all my fellow ME/CFS warriors are fighting as well as they can & are taking care & resting & relaxing if needs be. I also hope everyone else is well & thank you so much for reading my blog, I really do appreciate it.


L x