Unrelated M.E Injury?

On Monday I was resting after my shower (yes I have to rest after a shower) & I noticed my right knee had a funny dip in it. Yep I said dip & it goes in slightly on the right side of my knee cap. Ok enough description of what it looks like, I'm making myself cringe!

So at that time I didn't really pick up on it hurting, the fact is I couldn't really tell, everywhere was hurting! But I could walk pretty ok & by walk I mean, hobble, in my normal style. I'm hoping it'll catch on & soon everyone will be doing it!

Anyways, seeing what it looked like kinda bothered me, but after after such a rough weekend, I just wanted to get out. So out we went & had a lovely time visit family I haven't seen for a very long time. It was only once I got back into bed that evening that the aching & pain localised to my knee kicked in & putting weight on it began to become more difficult.

Yesterday I got an appointment to see a doctor & then spent the time in between hopping round the house trying to think how I had hurt it - I don't remember knocking into anything or jarring it in anyway, but then how could I be sure with my brain fog at an all time high recently, I could have done something to it & simply not remember!

Getting into the surgery was certainly not easy but my amazing mum helped me so much, but I had no idea how exhausting limping could be & it was resulting in my "good" (I use that term loosely) leg was starting to hurt. I was so glad to get sat in my chair (yes I have my own chair at the dr's, I'm there so often so why not?!) & I just closed my eyes until I heard a binging & then I'd peek & check the screen for my name.

The doctor I saw was so lovely, he's one of the new ones & I'd not seen him before. He took his time, listened & them thoroughly checked my knee, comparing it to the other one & seemed as slightly puzzled by the dip in it as I was! He really checked the muscle around my knee, which was very painful (major understatement there!) & after that he told me the muscle around my knee was strained. Now here's the clincher...

I went there thinking this was a non-ME related thing & I'd jarred my knee somehow. But NOPE! The Doctor said that it is actually due to my ME, because my muscles are weakened & in pain, there's a lot of strain on them when I'm moving & that this kind of injury is quite common with people with ME.  I'm now on crutches (borrowed ones, I have just invested in some but more on that when they arrive) to help me get around, taking the pressure off my "good" leg as I do & I'm moving faster than I have done in months! One of my friends on Instagram has taken to calling me Speedy! Haha 

The doctor has also told me to rest (not like I don't rest enough already!) & to ice it. But due to the cold aggrevating the pain I experience, I had ice on my knee & a hot water bottle on either side of me!

So there we have it, yet another surprising new twist in my ME journey. I never would have imagine having a strained muscle from simply doing nothing! I've had plenty of strains & pulled tendons in my time (casualty of being so sporty) but there was always a story to tell - "I was riding & fall off" or "I was running & went over on my ankle" But there's no exciting story for this one, it's simply - "my ME has weakened my muscles, they're now at risk of being injuried due to the stress they are under."

Now have to be careful that my other knee doesn't go the same way & to help with that, the doctor also gave me an exercise that engages my knee muscles to help build & strengthen them again.  I'm also going to be starting hydrotherapy... But that's another story, for another time.

So lesson to be learned here is that ME is always a surprising illness with something new to afflict on you at every turn, especially when you think you're finally getting a handle on it & stabilising, it'll throw you a curve ball! For all I'm stuck I pretty much everyday, the symptoms & emotions I have to deal with certainly mean I'm never bored! Another lesson here, is that keeping muscle strength up is also essential to help prevent this kind of thing happening.  Although this has happened, I've got things in motion to help with my muscle strength, but as I said, there'll be another post, on another day about all that.

So now, I hope all my fellow "Spoonies" are as well as they can be & all my healthy friends & readers are taking care too.  I'm off to munch on granola & drink large amounts of tea.


L x