Things That Make Life Easier, Comforting & Spoon Saving

So I'd thought I'd have a break from the norm with this post & share a few things that help me get through each day & makes it a little bit more bearable. These things are either items that make my life with M.E/CFS a bit easier, brings me comfort on bad days or saves me a few spoons:

1) Green Veggie Juices:

This one might seem strange as I actually really don't like them, but even I can not deny the fact that with them, certain symptoms of my M.E/CFS aren't as bad. So the juices have therefore made my life dealing with my illness not as bad as it could actually be some days, ok most days!

2) My Messenger Bag:

The bag pictured is actually my new messenger bag, my old one has now been retired. However just having those messenger bags whichever one it was, has been a Spoon saver! Every morning (well on the days I feel up to being downstairs) I pop into my bag everything from my room that I think I'll need to get me through the day. This means that I can carry downstairs everything in one go, meaning that the days of spoon wasting trips up & down the stairs are pretty much over (of course brain fog can cause me to forget the odd item now & then) & once I'm on the sofa, there I can stay!

3) The Kitchen Chair:

This chair was given to me to use by one of our amazing friends & it has become a true Spoon saver! I can now (when feeling up to it of course) sit while I make my toast or a sandwich, while I make a cup of tea (no more trying to get on the kitchen side!) & even (when I'm feeling very adventurous) cook myself something on the stove without my legs being in agony part way through!

4) Hot Water Bottles & Duvets: 

This is actually two fold; Firstly, these help make my life with my illness easier to bear as (a big thing for most people with M.E/CFS is temperature control) I get cold very easily. However, I need extra help to get warm as my body's automatic heating system is broken, basically my brain & my body don't communicate well & so my body will be cold but my brain won't get the signal & turn up the heating! Once I begin to get cold, the one thing that does trigger in my body is pain & a lot of it! So most (pretty much everyday) days I have to have either a duvet over me or hot water bottles (more often I have both) to help keep me warm & so keep the pain down. Secondly, my duvet especially is a must on particularly rough days, as it gives me the comfort I need. I just curl up under it, close my eyes & pray I feel better soon. Must admit here, I've always been a huge fan of duvet days before I got ill, so it's a habit that I don't associate too much with my illness but something I know will help on those extra rough days.

5) The Hoodie:

Here's another comfort item, my hoodies! I love my hoodies & again this is something I've brought along from my good health days to my now, not so good health days. I love nothing more than being nice & cosy in a slightly too big hoodie & if my head is feeling overly fuzzy, I'll even put my hood up! Also my trusty hoodies can come under the "making life with M.E/CFS easier" category as before the messenger bags, I would carry things in my hoodie pocket & it's another good way to keep me warm!

6) Bathroom Storage Drawers:

This might seem like a strange thing but this little set of drawers that sit in a corner in our bathroom is actually something that makes my life with my illness a bit easy. Simply because I pop my towels on them when having a shower & so I don't have to bend down to pick them up and give myself unnecessary pain in my hip & a dizzy spell.

7) Tea & Lots of it:

I go with the idea that Tea solves all problems! So as such, having a few cups of Tea throughout the day really does make my day better, warms me up & also as a plus, settles my stomach.  So yep Tea definitely does solve all problems, well some at least. 

8) The Crutches:

Yeah I know another post featuring the crutches but once my knee is right, these are really going to help me get around when needed & as such will make life with M.E/CFS easier & let me get out more hopefully. 

9) Tablet Tray & Medication Bag:

These two things help keep me organised with the medication I have to take. I fill my tray every Saturday for the week, so my medication is all there just for me to take when I need it, which helps. Though it's not fool proof & brain fog does strike at times & I forget them.  But, for the most part having the tray does help me remember to take them. The bag is simply the best way for me to keep everything I need all neat, tidy & in one place. These help me from misplacing any of my medication & helps me keep track of what I've run out of & what I've got plenty of. Definitely a must for anyone who has a lot of daily medication as it does make life easier.

10) iPads, Animal Crossing, Sudoku & Other things:

I'm not someone who can do nothing & relax very easily. I like to be out doing, so having M.E/CFS is teaching me to slow down & learn to relax a bit more. But I still find it a difficult task at times (those times being when I can lift my head from the pillow without feeling the room is spinning!) so enter some things to help amuse me.  My iPad & my iPhone are my main source of contact with the outside world now, so at intervals (being on them too long can make me mentally exhausted) throughout the day I'll check my social media or just in general browse websites. I have a couple of friends that message me pretty much on a daily basis which is wonderful & I am truly grateful to them, it really does make my day!  If I'm feeling mentally up to it, I'll play some Sudoku, though I'm not as quick as it as I use to be, it actually does help a bit with my concentration & also gives me a break from looking at a screen.  I also like to play Animal Crossing, something I've been doing for a lot of years now & I find it helps take my mind off how rubbish I feel at times & I actually find it quite relaxing.  I also (if well enough) will do some study, watch a bit of TV or a film.  In general these things do help me get through each day (especially the messages from my friends!) & so makes life more bearable. 

11) The Cats - Dex, McKay, Jack & Ezzy:

Finally, I couldn't do a post about things that make life better & bring me comfort without mention the Furkids! My two boys, Dex & McKay (the tabbies) have been an amazing source of comfort from the day I got them for various reasons but all the more so now. Along with Jack & Ezzy (the black & whites) they have truly shown me how to embrace my new "Spoonie" life! Throughout everyday, at least one of them will be sat with me & the others will never be sleeping far away. When I'm on very bad days, I can be sure that all four of them will be curled up on my duvet with me, looking after me. They are such wonderful company & I think they love the fact that I "come" with a duvet!

So there you have it! Those are a few things that just help me get by & cope with a bit better with my M.E/CFS. If anyone reading this has anything that helps them cope then please leave a comment telling me about it, any tips are always welcomed!

This is now my last post before I head to Leeds on Wednesday to see the Bioresonance Specialist for my consultation & the start of my treatment plan. I'm quite anxious about all this I have to admit, but I'm sure it can definitely help me & I'm willing to give it a try. I know I'll have payback just for the traveling, let alone the rest of the things that will be going on, but once I'm feeling up to it, there'll be a post all about it & I will be doing my best to document my experience with this treatment so maybe someone else can benefit from it too.

Now I'm off to rest up as I'm on a rough day. I hope all my fellow M.E/CFS Warriors are doing as well as possible & resting when needed. I do hope that this post may have given you some ideas of things to help you cope a bit better.

Take care all of you,

L x