Finding Pneumonia...

This is an impromptu post, I wasn't actually planning on writing this, as I normally don't post twice in one week! However, my in last little post (which you can read here:Just a Note... ) I mentioned that among other viruses, I'd had Baterial Pneumonia over the past couple of weeks. This lead to my lovely fellow Spoonie, Charlotte, making the following comment:

"I would really like to know how they found you had pneumonia."

Your wish is my command Charlotte! (You can check her blog here: Sleeping on the edge of sleep )

Each time I go for my Bioresonance treatment, to start with, I am fully checked by one machine, while another one gets to work on preparing my body for the treatment.  It's during this full check that any viruses that shouldn't be there & are causing trouble are detected.  These viruses have a different frequency to the healthy one your body has (& the one the machine sends through you) & so when the machine finds it, it hits a block & then gets to work on killing the virus.

Each virus can be identified by the frequency showing on the machine, so the frequency that was causing a block in my lungs, was the one for Baterial Pneumonia.  A couple of weeks before, it was the ones for Bird Flu, Swine Flu & another virus I can't remember the name of.

Depending on how much of the virus is there, depends on how long it can take to fully get rid of it.  Although the treatment completely kills off the viruses, so I don't come home with them. Although, it can take a while for my body to still recovery from the effects & damage they have caused.  So right now, I'm still suffering from a bit of a cough & croaky voice.

For a more in depth explanation of how the Bioresonance treatment I'm having works, please take a look at my post about it: Let's Talk Bioresonance Part 1: What Is It?

But for now, Charlotte, I hope that's helped with your wondering & if there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask.  That goes for anyone reading this, feel free to ask my any questions & I'll do my best to answer them either via a reply to your comment or if the answer is going to be a bit in depth, like this one, I'll do a post instead.

I have now made a start on my next post & will have it up for you all to read next week.  Like I've already said, I did want to post it this week but a proper post has been out of the question, so you've had a two little ones instead, which I hope is okay.

Take care all of you & I just want to say another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that does read my blog, it really does make the effort of posting worthwhile.

L x