Just a Note...

This is purely to let all my lovely readers & followers know that I am here, I am surviving & I have a post in the planning.

My latest round of treatment a week ago was quite intensive & longer than normal.  The following day I had a Physiotherapist/Pain Clinic appointment, which I couldn't cancel as I'd already had to cancel the one before, due to having a rare form of Bird Flu, some Swine Flu & some random virus that has only just been found!  I also found out I'd had Baterial Pneumonia when going for my treatment! Yeah I don't do things by half!

So all those things together pretty much floored me & I have hardly moved from my bedroom since last Thursday afternoon. My specialist did warn me & told me to stay in bed for a few days, but I don't even think he couldn't predict my body's reaction, since it likes to do the unexpected!

I don't often admit to struggling & being in a lot of pain, but I was. Up until yesterday, I could feel every muscle in my body, each one vying for my attention & I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a pleasant experience to say the least.  Though the pain has thankfully subsided, I am still struggling.

The stress my body has been under for the past 6 days has taken its toll (plus the 4 weeks previous dealing with all the viruses I've had!) & I am now left utterly exhausted, more than I am normally, with the added bonus of sleepless nights (only had 2 full nights in 6 days) & my shoulder (old riding injury) now deciding to cause me trouble, though that thankfully isn't as bad today.

Though I'm not going into great detail, I will also say, I've been & am still struggling on a mental level too.  But I've thankfully some essentials to help try & keep me up & going. Mind numbing shows on my laptop, re-reading Divergent & the main contact I have with the outside world: my iPad & iPhone, just to name a few.

I'm just having to ride it out & hope for a full nights sleep soon, to at least help take my exhaustion back to its "normal" level.  So this is why there isn't a proper post today, as I like to post once a week, (at least when I'm well enough to do so) & so wanted to at least do a little one to explain that this week I'm not really up to writing the proper post I am wanting too. I'm hoping as the week goes on, I'll pick up more & will be able to make a start in my post by the weekend.

In the past, I may have pushed myself & gone ahead with the full post I want to do. But this time, I'm not, though I do feel bad about that. However, my health is my priority (without your health, nothing else matters) & I need all the rest I can get right now.

I know all my fellow M.E Warriors will totally get that & understand.

In the mean time, why not have a read of some of my older posts & I'll let you all know when I post properly soon.

I hope you're all as well as can be & are taking care.  Again, I really appreciate you all & your understanding.

L x