Lacking Inspiration & Motivation Means Updates

This past week or so, I've kinda been stuck in my head.  Bodily, I'm not feeling too bad (I wrote the beginning to this a few days ago & reading that now at 00:34am on Saturday morning when I can't sleep for my body screaming at me in pain, in a weird way is almost amusing... Almost) but mentally, it's a whole other story! I'm working on it but I'm not feeling my usual positive myself right now.  This has resulted in a serious lack of inspiration of knowing what to write & also a lack of motivation to write.

However, when I mentioned to one of my non-Spoonie friends that I was in need of some inspiration, during the course of the conversation, she replied with the following question:

What's 5 - 10 of the top misconceptions about CFS?

So just like that, I have the topic of my next post! However, I now have to figure out writing it & I had no idea where to even start! I obviously know the main points on this subject, but getting it down in writing I feel might be a struggle. Plus I really want to do this justice, as I know, posts on this type of subject can have a bigger impact on raising awareness & educating people, than other, let's say, day to day life with M.E posts.

So I slept on it & then the next day, I turned to my fellow Spoonies on Twitter for help & got some good suggestions, which I am very thankful for!  So now I have a grounding for the post, which will take a little time to put together.  I've already got what my spoonies have told me sat as a draft & over the next few days, I'll begin to build on them & hope the post will begin to take shape.

So I guess this is another one of those, "don't worry, there is a proper post coming but it's taking some writing" posts, yeah sorry about that. But I may as well fill some page space with a few little updates for you:

Treatment update: That's going well, slowly but surely all the damage the M.E has decided to do to my body is being fixed.  I'm still quite up & down (mostly down over this past month due to the added extras I've had to deal with) but that just shows the havoc this illness is & has had in my body.

Hydrotherapy update: I mentioned quite a while ago that I would be having Hydrotherapy to help keep my strength up.  Well that is no longer happening since my body simply could not handle the strength & energy levels it needs to actually get there & do it right now.

Physiotherapist update: I've had my first proper appointment with my physiotherapist, who also works along with the pain clinic & has a lot of experience with M.E. She is simply lovely & as my fellow spoonies know, it's always amazing to talk to someone in the health care profession that believes your pain & illness is real.  She has suggested I try Acupuncture, which being afraid of needles (I'm not afraid of it hurting, I live with pain everyday, I just don't like the idea of needles being stuck into me, no matter how big or small) I'm not sure about & I wasn't sure if it would counteract my Bioresonance treatment.  However, after talking to my specialist, I've decided to give it a go.  The deciding factor was that he said that it would work well with what he's doing & Bioresonance actually uses certain acupuncture points, only with direct frequencies & not needles. Be Brave!

Activity update: Since August, I feel like I've had a lot going on.  Although I've been resting, it just seems like any events or appointments I've had have just been one after another. This has likely contributed to the fact that every time I'm around people, I'm beginning to pick up every illness going again. I'm actually feeling like I'm ready for crashing again to be honest, I've felt that way for a couple weeks & taking the advise of my specialist, I'm having to put a halt on doing things again (I'm blaming this setback for my current mental state).  I've had my last major event & that's going to be it for a while.  I need to give my body a good rest again.

So I think that's everything, I can't think of anything else to tell you & words aren't coming easily right now.  So I'm going to let you get back to whatever it is you were doing before you decided to read my little post, to which I'm eternally grateful for you doing. I hope you're all having a lovely day or night & that all my fellow M.E Warriors are as well as can be.  Sending you love, gentle hugs & plenty of spoons to help you through.

Take care & I'll write again soon,

L x