Feeling Like A Pin Cushion

I want to apologise for my absence over the past few weeks or I think it's now months. I've been quite up & down health wise & this has impacted on my motivation to write or really do anything other that the basic daily tasks I've needed to do. Though I'm happy to report that a couple of weeks ago I have completely turned a corner & seem to be improving a lot more.  But I'll update you on that at a later date.

Anyways now getting to the point (no pun intended) of this post; Acupuncture.

So for the past few weeks I've been having acupuncture. Now as I think I mentioned in my last post all that time ago, I'm petrified of needles so was quite uneasy about having it but if it helped, I was willing to try it. I've had 4 sessions & each time my fear & anxiety level have decreased.

My very first session was very unexpected & my anxiety level was through the roof. My therapist is brilliant though & she just got on with placing the needles. I couldn't bear to watch & I have to say, I've never stared at an examination room curtain so hard in my life! However, by the fourth session this last week, I was able to watch as some of the needles were placed.

I think I also mentioned previously that it isn't the pain of the needles that bothers me, it's the needles themselves. It's actually not that painful, just a sharp short pain as they are put in & then with some of them, there's a slightly dull ache, which is a good thing, but that's it.  The sensation reminded me of having my blood taken, that initial sharp pain & then not much else.  It feels the same as the acupuncture needles are taken out too, slightly sharp pain but nothing.

The first two sessions I had the basic ones in, which is 10 needles:

1 in each foot by my toes,
2 in the inside of my ankles,
1 by each thumb,
1 in each wrist.

The third & fourth sessions I had 18 needles placed.  The basic 10 & then an extra 2 were placed on the inside of each ankle. 1 actually in each ankle & 1 in the side of each calf muscle. Again my therapist was great & just got on with putting them in.  On the fourth session, even though I was nervous, I wasn't anxious at all & so my normal response when nervous kicked in & I started to go into a slight rambling mode. At one point, as ine of them went in, it was a little more painful & I just responded with "I'm just gonna keep talking" you know because that's how normal I obviously am haha.

My reasons for having it are to help with the pain & also my energy levels. We asked when I would begin to feel the benefits & was told usually after about 6 sessions but everyone is different.  The first couple wiped me out for a good day, which is normal. The third session I had, I felt quite different! I came out of my appointment & felt like I could have stayed out for the rest of the day! I felt pretty good but I sensibly went home to rest up but that feeling continued for a good while. The fourth session I had a similar feeling but again thought it would be best to get home, last thing I want to do is use up all the energy that it's beginning to give me.

A couple of things I will mention to be aware of if you do want give it a try:

Make sure you eat before you go as the acupuncture can drop your blood sugar levels & may leave you feeling a bit light headed, you could even have a snack with you to have afterwards just in case.

Also if you bruise easily, you may find, like me, that you are left with marks or even a small bruise from where the needles have been. This has happened after each session to me & in one place I have a nice little bruise, but they do fade over the week & as the weeks have gone on, the marks, even after each session aren't as bad as they were the first time. Below are the ones I had after my first session:

As you can see they weren't too bad really, but no need to panic if you do get any little marks like them after you've had acupuncture.

If you are considering acupuncture, I would definitely say give it ago & remember this is coming from someone who is afraid of needles! I do feel it's going to help me in the long for sure.  My therapist is now on leave until the new year so I've got a break for a few weeks.

I've got a few subjects lined up to post about & will slowly start rolling them out, once I've written them of course. I'm hopping to get myself back into writing more & sorting out a proper schedule, not just with this but with everything as like I said, I feel like I'm improving so much now but still need to keep a balance between rest & activity.  But I've got to say, despite still dealing with being ill, my life is good & I'm extremely happy!

I hope you are all as well as can be & are managing to keep warm now the Winter has definitely arrived here in the UK! 

Take care,

L x