Let's Talk Bioresonance: Part 3 - 6 Month Update

(Disclaimer: What you're going to read is my own experience.  Everybody's experience with this treatment, as with any treatment varies.  Please don't be put off by anything I've written regarding this treatment as I truly believe it is helping me to recover & giving me the chance to build a life I never thought I would have again)

I felt it was time for a little update on how my Bioresonance treatment is going, since I've now hit the 6 month mark.  As I like to make things easy for my lovely readers, if you want or need a reminder of what the treatment is & my first few experiences of it, here are the links for you to those posts:

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When I explained how the treatment works, I mentioned that it comes in 2 stages - Treatment & Repair. Over the past month or so, I've crossed over from the Treatment stage into the Repair stage.  This basically means that the root cause of the M.E, that is the Epstein Barr Virus, has been completely taken out of my system. So with the cause gone, now the Repair work on my body can really begin!

However, I will say that just because the Epstein Barr is gone, it doesn't mean I'm never again going to get it again. In fact, when I picked up a slight virus this past week, small amounts of it were also found & eradicated.  This is why it is crucial, even when I've completely finished my treatment, that I still have check ups at least once or twice a year just to make sure I don't have a build up of Epstein Barr from any other viruses I may have picked up & end up having a relapse.

Since M.E is a multi-symptom Chronic Illness, that is, there are countless of symptoms for this one illness, this means it effects pretty much every system of the body.  It does so because the Epstein Barr Virus's favourite place to live is in the body's Nervous System & it uses that to get into every part of the body.  Once there, it begins to wreak havoc & damage in every part of your poor defenceless body, causing it to become confused & having no clue how to function properly.

Cue the Bioresonance Treatment!  This begins to not only make repairs of these damaged systems, but it also kick starts the body into working properly & healing itself again.  For example, due to the M.E, most of my organs had been damaged, the main one being my Stomach & Intestines. This was causing problems regarding absorption, basically my body wasn't taking in enough nutrients from the food I was eating to function properly. Thanks to the Bioresonance, this damage is well on its way to being fully repaired.  That is just one example, there are other things that needed fixing that I am really feeling the benefit of already & it's certainly made life more bearable!

These "small" repairs have been going on for a while & some were in fact started along with the full on Treatment stage (the benefit of being worked on by two machines!) & thanks to this, I've felt my body gradually become stronger & I've been able to increase my activity ever so slightly, even though I'm still under orders to not over do at all.  But because of this, I've now reached a huge point in my Treatment...

I've got to the point where my body is strong enough to deal with the repair work needed on my Nervous System! As I stated above, this is the main residence of the Epstein Barr Virus & the most damaged system in my body.  Due to my limited knowledge of Epstein Barr, I knew that my Nervous System would need a whole lot of repair & in all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to that day arriving.  This was because I knew, although I would be reaching the final stages of this process, the after effects & actually dealing with it as it was happening, would not be so fun & here's why...

Having learnt over time to pay close attention to what my body is telling me, I've become very sensitive to every little twinge or slight shortness of breath & understand my limits to some degree.  Although, you may be thinking, with having M.E, that is surely a good thing (which it is!) it also means that I'm quite sensitive when having I'm having my treatment, in fact my Specialist has told me I'm one of his more sensitive patients. I can feel the slightest tingling feeling anywhere in my body, ask if he's working on that part & the answer I always get back is "YES" Again, some might think this is actually a good thing, at least I know it's working & doing something & yes I do agree with that, it's quite reassuring, I'm not left in any doubt that the machines are doing their thing.  However, that over sensitivity comes at the cost of now having to deal with the horrible sensation that comes with my Nervous System repair work.

Most M.E warriors will know that feeling of having what I can only describe as "Restless Leg Syndrome" all over your body, you simply can not get yourself comfortable & can not stretch yourself enough to find any sort of relief.  I swear in times gone by I have been tempted to build myself a Rack in order for a good old fashioned stretch!  Most of us have to live with this feeling day in, day out, with not much let up.  Over time you become accustomed to it, though that doesn't make any easier to deal with.  Over the past 6 months, all thanks to my treatment, that sensation for me, has slowly gone away.  Yes, on the incredibly bad days it comes back, but for the most part I've gained some relief from it.

However, on my last two treatment sessions, that sensation has come back big time! I first noticed it in my legs & when I asked about it, I was told that my Nervous System was now being repaired. It made me feel so uncomfortable, I kept trying to stretch my legs & arms out for any kind of relief, though nothing much helped, so I just closed my eyes & went with it.  My Specialist is lovely & when he can see I'm struggling a bit, he'll always ask if I want a break, to which I will always refuse.  My reasoning for this is that I've endured worse (which I really have) & what's the point in prolonging the process, so I might as well just get on with it!

I know I've got a few more weeks of this yet but it has to be done & I know that once it is done, I'll be a lot better & even closer to recovery & the life I want & am slowly building.  I'm just having to be patient with myself & not see the fact that I am having to have a few more full bed days again as a step backwards, as really it isn't. Yes that is easier said than done but having a few very supportive, caring people in my life really helps keep me positive as I deal with this & I am so incredibly grateful to them!

I have to say that dealing with the "Restless Leg" feeling again as made me realise a couple of things:

1) That it really had eased off a lot for me, maybe more than I'd noticed because I'm now finding it a little harder to deal with than I had been when it was a full on daily occurrence.

2) That maybe (this is just my thought) that feeling is completely down to the Epstein Barr travelling around the body via the Nervous System causing damage as it goes & now mine is being repaired its giving the same sensation as the corrective frequencies are running through the Nervous System instead.

It's been a long 6 months & it's not over yet.  I'm not going to lie, I've had times where I've wondered if the journey to Leeds, the monetary cost, the very early mornings & the payback I get, is all really worth it. I've had feelings of wanting to give up, not because I've felt it's not working, but because I've felt that I'm not strong enough to keep going & not strong enough to endure it all.

Yet, I've pulled myself round, mainly thanks to my small support system encouraging me & helping me gain my determination & strength back & stopping me from giving up! For which there are no words to truly express just how grateful I am for! Because apart from this stage of Repair being a little harder going, overall my treatment is going very well indeed.  My specialist is incredibly happy with my progress & I am too.  Most of the improvement is of course going on inside my body & therefore can not be seen by everyone else, however, I've noticed a few of my daily symptoms have lessened & I feel like I'm able to cope with a little more activity much better & the payback & recovery time from any little outing I have, is much shorter & not as intense as it has been in the past.

I've still got a long road ahead of me & though it's not going to be easy, I can see the end a bit more clearly now & I fully admitted to my Specialist last Wednesday, that although I like him & think he's great, I will be very glad of the day when I no longer see him every other week & he said he feels the same way!  Not sure if I should take offence to that or not?! haha

But for now, I continue with my treatment, continue with the long journey to Leeds & everything that goes with it, as I know in the long run, it's all completely worth it!  Plus with the scenery along the way & the Costa Hot Chocolate on the way back, I can't complain too much!