Running With M.E...

So I'm sat in my bed, munching purple skittles, drinking tea with Say Yes to the Dress muted on the TV & Lea Michele belting out "Cannonball" to me via my earphones (my ability to multitask astounds even me sometimes!) & I suddenly got the urge to write. Yeah random I know!  At first I wasn't sure where to start, but then realised I actually had something I've meaning to share with all my lovely readers! Though if you follow me on Twitter then you'll have probably seen this.

Back in May, the lovely Sean from Running with M.E asked if I would like to write a little post for their website about what life with M.E is like & what helps me get through my days. Though being apprehensive, of course I said yes!  I mean how could I not really?  Sean & the others at Running for M.E do so much to raise awareness & much needed research funds that saying no wasn't even an option for me & I felt so privileged that he had asked me that I lost count with how many times I said thank you to him haha!

Now came the challenge of what to write & how to condense down everything I wanted to get across about life with this illness.  One thing I wanted to do was make sure that what I wrote wouldn't only be informative & insightful to people who weren't too familiar with the illness but to also help & encourage fellow sufferers.  I will never forget how wonderfully helpful & supportive the blogs & stories of other sufferers have been to me since my diagnosis & I have always tried my best to pay it forward with anything I have to share regarding my illness & I didn't want to waste the opportunity I'd been given.

So I got to work & even though I wrote about some of the difficulties, I tried to focus on the positives & to give encouragement to my fellow sufferers, who are maybe struggling & need help & reassurance that living with this illness is possible & not to give up.  I also included some tips on things that help me save some precious energy when I'm not having the best of days & still need to do certain daily tasks.

It was only when Sean checked in with me to see how it was going, did I realise I'd spent a good week writing & re-writing. I'm my biggest critic, so this was the kick I needed to stop the editing & get it sent.  About a week later, I got a message to say my piece was now up on their site & I was so nervous & excited at the same time.  I just wanted to do a good job & do the M.E community proud & so getting messages saying it was good, made me feel like I'd achieved what I set out to do.

If you would like to find out more about Sean & Running For M.E (and I suggest that you do) you can do so by simply clicking here: Running For M.E

If you'd like to read the piece I wrote for them, then feel free to click here: "Life with M.E is not easy, Living with it is Possible"

(If you do read it, please do leave me a comment below telling me what you think, I appreciate any help when it comes to my writing.)

You know, sometimes those of us with Chronic illnesses can feel like we no longer have purpose, like our voice has now become insignificant.  But that simply isn't the case; your experience, your story, can help someone else who is struggling to see that they're not alone in what they're having to deal with. Knowing you're not alone is a huge thing & makes living with whichever chronic illness you have easier when you have people to turn to that know exactly what you're going through. Hearing or reading the words "I know exactly what you mean" or "I understand completely" can be so powerful!

So never be afraid of sharing your story, you never know who you may be inspiring!

L x