A Spoonie Review: LUSH Face Masks

Here's my thoughts & overall reviews on the face masks I recently picked up samples of while in LUSH Lancaster. I would always suggest getting samples to try first, especially if, like myself, you have sensitive skin & food allergies. They do have a 3 sample limit so just bear that in mind when you go.  Although I was told to do skin tests on the back of my hand, I decided to test just above my jaw line, as I feel my face is more sensitive than the back of my hand & wanted a true reading. I didn't react to any of them & so was able to try each one.

Little tubs of LUSHness!
The main reason I was on the hunt for a few new face masks was not only for some lovely de-stress pamper sessions but to also see if one could help balance out my combination skin but still hydrate my skin where it needed to & clear up the pesky hormonal break outs I get, while not causing my Eczema to flare. I was also after something that would exfoliate my skin, as that's actually quite important for sensitive skin, as it helps replenish & brighten your skin. So after reading information & some reviews on all their masks, these were the three I had in mind to ask about & were the ones that were recommended.  I'll review each one individually & give a rating out of 5 Spoons.  I've included a link to the product page on the LUSH website, so if you're interested in knowing a bit more about these products, you'll be able to hop over there & have a read.

Face Mask 1 - Oatifix:  LUSH Product Page
I won't tell you what my mum said it looked like I'd got on my face!

This was the main one I wanted to try because one of the key ingredients is Oats, obviously! As a GCSE Exam stressed 15/16 year old, my Eczema was incredibly bad & I use to have Oat baths to help soothe & clear up my skin, so I knew this one could likely give me most of what I was looking for.
The texture is quite sticky & gooey, so leaves your hands a bit messy, but it feels so lovely when applying it. I found it went on quite nicely, I didn't struggle too much spreading it on my skin, it never flaked off or all clumped together at any point.  I left it on for about 20 minutes & then gently washed it off with warm water. I also used a wet cotton pad just to make sure I'd got it all off.
It doesn't dry out, so I didn't feel like I had to sit with my face completely still in fear of cracking it, which I liked. I could definitely feel a difference in my skin afterwards, it felt softer & there was definitely a noticeable difference in my skin's appearance even after one use. It looked fresher & brighter & the appearance of the little red patches & the odd break out I did have, was better.
Overall, the only down side to this mask was the scent. It has an added safe synthetic Perfume, which also lingers on the skin afterwards. I didn't get any major reactions, like a headache or nausea from it, I just found it a little overwhelming. But other than that, I really loved this mask as it did everything I wanted it too.
Spoon Rating: 4.5/5
Face Mask 2 - Love Lettuce:  LUSH Product Page

Anyone else think I look like the bad witch from The Wizard of Oz?

I was recommended this one as it can help balance out combination skin & yet hydrate the skin at the same time.
The texture of this one is a little gritty but actually quite similar to most other masks you can get from anywhere else.  I found it very easy to apply & managed to get the best coverage out of all three. Again I left it on for about 20 minutes & in that time, I could feel it drying & tightening, hence the "serious scary" face in the picture above!
Then using warm water, I gently began to wash it off.  It took a little bit of time & energy (I ended up sitting down) to do this as it was so dry & I also used a wet cotton pad to make sure it was all off. I think if I use this one again, I will stick to the recommended time of 10 - 15 minutes. Though taking this off slowly, I did feel like my skin got a better exfoliation session & felt fresher afterwards.
As for the scent, you're certainly not left guessing as to whether there's Lavender in it or not! But I didn't find that over powering or having a negative effect on my senses. The Lavender scent did exactly what Lavender should do; it made me feel so relaxed & calm. Lavender is one of my favourite scents though, so maybe I'm a little bias. The scent doesn't linger on the skin afterwards & once the mask begins to dry, it's not as strong as when it's in the tub.
Overall, I didn't see a huge difference to my skin's appearance but my skin did feel smoother & my t-zone felt better the next day & I think with regular use, I would likely see more of a benefit.
Spoon Rating: 4/5

Face Mask 3 - BB Seaweed:  LUSH Product Page
Paper mashie anyone? 

This mask was mainly recommended as it contains millet flakes which exfoliate the skin but I also liked that it has ingredients to help balance out the skin & many of the reviews also said that it was good for hydration.

I don't really remember the scent of this one, it definitely wasn't as strong as the other two that's for sure. It did feel quite soothing & cooling as it hit my skin but the texture was a bit hard to work with. I personally found it was quite clumpy & I couldn't get it to cover my skin as evenly as I wanted it to, as shown in the picture above. I also found it didn't sit on the skin that well either & the odd little bit fell off! Although the sample I'd been given was a generous amount, I think really to solve those issues, I would just need more product to play with.

I left it on for my usual 20 minutes & the thinner areas had dried a bit but the thicker parts hadn't. I then simply washed it off with warm water & could feel the millet flakes gently exfoliating as I did, which left my skin feeling nice & soft. As with the others, I also used a wet cotton pad just make sure I'd got it all off.

Even though I couldn't see a massive difference, I could feel one & I think with more product & use, the effects of this mask would become more noticeable for sure.

Spoon Rating: 3.5/5

I was very impressed overall by each of these masks, though don't forget to clean your sink out after use as they leave quite a bit of mess!

Even after one use, they all showed promise & some sort of result, whether visible or touchable, which is why the Spoon Ratings are so close.

I know trying a sample in each of these was the sensible thing to do but I was actually disappointed I only had small amounts of each, as they all left me wanting to use them again! There wasn't much I didn't like about any of these masks, which doesn't often happen & to have my skin not react to a single one of these was amazing! My skin really does prefer the natural, what God gave us, ingredients!

Since I had to go back into Lancaster the other week, I actually picked up a big tub of Oatifix (I used it the other night & found the scent wasn't as strong) & will definitely be purchasing the other two at a later date.

I also got a little sample of another mask, which I'll review for you.  Then I ended up trying & buying one of their foundations, which I'll also do a post on at a later date, when I've tried it out a little more. I think I'm on my way to becoming a LUSHIE now!

I hope this has helped if you're wanting a new face mask but not sure what to try.  I definitely recommend giving these LUSH ones a look especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. If you are able, going into the shop is probably best, so you can speak to someone about what you're looking for & hopefully they'll have something you like & can try.

If you simply are not able to get to the shop, maybe use the website to research & read reviews (personally I think that's good to do either way), then send someone to get you a couple of samples of the ones you think would work best for you or take the plunge & buy one from the site.  You can always give away the ones you & your skin don't like.

Take care,

L x