A Spoonie Review: LUSH Shop Experience

So in my last post (which you can read here if you haven't already - Clicky Here to Read ) I mentioned that one thing I like to do to help me de-stress is to pamper myself a little & this includes popping on a nice face mask. I mean what could be better than relaxing & having better looking skin afterwards? That's just a win win right there!

Now when I was healthy, face masks where pretty much a weekly occurrence for me & my go to was usually something from Avon. As I have very sensitive skin, I stuck with what I knew my skin liked & always hesitated to try something new. However, when I became sick, the pampering & treating went by the wayside as I didn't have the inclination, the energy or simply felt well enough to treat myself.

However, over the time I've been ill, I've realised that self-care is just as, if not even more, important. Being Chronically ill really takes its toll on you, physically, mentally & emotionally. We not only have an illness & all its symptoms to deal with but never ending doctors appointments, medications to take, difficult treatments to go through & just dealing with day to day life being ill can be hard!  So I decided that having a good face mask session again would be a, not too energy taking, activity I could do to help pick me up & also help my skin, as it likes to have a little breakout paddy now & then!

I'd been meaning to try some LUSH products for a while because I love that they only use all fresh, natural ingredients & a few safe synthetics. Plus none of their products are tested on Animals! Major bonus points from me! However, getting to my local LUSH in Lancaster would take a lot of energy & I already had a lot going on, that dealing with the payback from a shopping trip at that time was something I couldn't do. So during a couple of my mandatory rest days, I headed to their website & from the comfort of my bed, took my time, looked over the product types I was wanting to try, read reviews, decided on the couple I thought would work best for me & ordered them online. The products I got were the Ultrabland Cleanser & the Enzymion moisturiser. If you'd like a review on those, I can put something together for you, just let me know.

I looked over the face masks & read reviews on those & what some of them were for but I didn't really want to get any without speaking to someone at the shop, just so I would have help with what would work best for me without having a reaction to them. I also didn't want to pay out money on something that was simply no good!  So, a few weeks ago, I had a little bit of a breather from appointments & other normal life things I have to do & I was having a down day & so somehow mustered the energy & decided to join my mum when she went into Lancaster & we ventured into LUSH.

Now I am going to be completely honest here, over the years the shop has been there, I've never gone in. The reason being that even before I began to get sick with M.E, my sensitivity to smells has always been heightened. I mean, you can sit next to me eating a banana & I'd want to throw up from the smell! So the strong smell of the products even while walking passed the store would knock me a little & I'd decide not to bother. Now throw in the fact that with M.E all my senses are at their highest, it could cause me a bit of a problem & although I wanted to go in, I was still a little weary due to that.

As predicted, as soon as I got close the smells of the store hit & then got stronger once I went in. I could straight a way feel my head begin to hurt & all the different scents blended together were a bit overwhelming (it's to be expected for the nature of the store) & kinda caught in the back of my throat. But I was determined to deal with it & not let my body's little paddy at the smells stop me from doing what I'd wanted to do. Sometimes as a Chronically ill person, you just have to way the pros & cons & do the things that make you happy.  Like I said earlier, life is hard enough at times, we deserve to have some enjoyment too!

As it was a Monday, there was only another couple people in there & a couple of sales assistants. Which for a Chronically ill person was wonderful, as at times being in a closed environment (LUSH Lancaster isn't massive) can make me feel disoriented & dizzy & takes even more energy to cope with. So there was no danger of being knocked, having to try & navigate around anyone or even feeling the stress of other shoppers & that was lovely & quite refreshing since we'd just come from another store that was loud & busy!

The face masks were right in front of us as we walked in & as we were looking at them & checking out the textures & smells of a couple, the lovely sales assistant came to see if we needed some help. Her name was Nic & she was wearing the most stunning purple lipstick! Which I'm pretty sure is from LUSH's own make up range.

I spoke with her about what I liked in a face mask, which is one with something that gives a nice exfoliation as it's taken off. I also mentioned that my skin is quite sensitive but also combination. Then, as they use natural ingredients, I felt it was important to mention that I had a couple of food allergies, mainly eggs & a mild nut allergy (that I gained due the M.E) so I definitely didn't want anything with eggs (as my reaction to them can be quite bad) but thought I might be OK to try anything with nuts as my reaction isn't as bad.

So the few she had in mind, she then double checked the ingredients just to be sure they were egg free & then suggested I give Oatifix, Love Lettuce & BB Seaweed a go. As Nic filled the sample tubs (which wasn't the easiest of jobs with a face mask) she said that there might not be enough in the tub to do the full face (actually there was, thanks Nic!) but enough to see how my skin was after & suggested I do test patches before hand just to be sure I was OK with the almond oil in them, as she didn't want me to have any reactions.

Nic popped my samples in a bag for me & asked if I needed anything else, to which I mentioned I was also after a bigger tub of the Ultrabland cleanser & want to also try the Tea Tree toner water.  She suggested getting the small bottle of the toner since I hadn't used it before & showed me where the cleanser was. Then said she'd leave me to browse & just come to counter to pay once I was ready.

I then had a little browse round but by that point my head & throat were beginning to feel worse & I was running on even lower energy levels than when I got there. So thought it would be best to maybe leave. So I paid for the cleanser & toner & went home a happy little Spoonie.

Overall my first experience going into LUSH Lancaster was a really good one (aside from sensory reaction which can happen to me anywhere)  Nic was so lovely & gave me the feeling that she really knew the products she was selling. Her energy was upbeat & happy, (she looked like she genuinely loved her job! Which I love!) she didn't speak too loud or fast, which when you're chronically ill, can be hard to sometimes deal with & energy sapping. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy anything at all & even though I did buy a couple of products, I felt like if all I'd gone in for was a couple of samples of face masks, I wouldn't have been made to feel bad for not buying anything. Even though she never knew I was chronically ill or struggling with the blend of scents they had going on in the store, Nic was definitely a Spoonie friendly sales assistant, something I was so grateful for that day. 

So a huge thank you to Nic, you were wonderful!

Spoon Rating: 10 Spoons

(I almost knocked off half a Spoon since my body did react a bit to the blend of smells going on, but the overall experience was very Spoonie friendly, so decided LUSH Lancaster really did deserve 10 Spoons!)

I hope this little incite & review into my LUSH Store experience has been helpful, especially if you've never been & are considering a visit to your local store. I really do recommend a visit if you're not sure which products would be good for you but as I've mentioned, just take into account at how bad your hypersensitivity to certain scents is. For myself, I knew how bad I was likely to react & did react when in the shop, but knew my reaction would begin to calm down once I left & it didn't take too long during the drive home for my head & throat to begin to calm down.

Please let me know what you think of my first ever "Spoonie Review" in the comments below. I have a few more planned that will be slowly rolled out in between my other usual kind of posts. 

I hope you're all as well as can be & having a lovely day or night.

Take care,

L x