Chronic Illness Management

Since being diagnosed with M.E  two years ago, (two years this past week) I've felt that one of the keys to dealing with it & trying to carry on with life, is learning how to actually manage the illness itself.  Although I was very blessed to find a Doctor that listened & finally after years of not knowing what was wrong with me, diagnosed me, the only advice I was given was to "slow down" & then prescribed medication to help the pain I was experiencing.

Now you might think slowing down is easy to do, but striking the right balance between rest & still doing the things you need/love to in life is actually harder than you think. Although my Doctor also sent a referral to the CFS clinic for me, the waiting list was/is so long that the help wasn't immediate & I was left to basically "wing it" for over a year.

So I took to the internet & tried to find anything to help me get a handle on my illness & help me to manage it better.  The advice I came across was great, things as simple as making sure your diet is healthy, which I know sounds obvious but when you're ill, diet can sometimes be the last thing on your mind.

Also when you're ill, you can feel like you've lost control. You can be left wondering what on earth your body is doing or why it's doing what it is. This not knowing can leave you feeling powerless.  For me, that feeling was horrible & scary. I'm not a controlling person, but I do like control over my own body, even if nothing else is going right.

This is where educating myself on my condition was vital, the more I learnt about M.E, the more I understood some of the reactions & symptoms my body was showing.  Granted, there is still so much that we don't know about this illness, but what we do know has helped me slowly take some control & empowered me.

Having a good team of Doctors or Specialists is also key, they can help you to manage your illness & give you advice.  In the beginning, I didn't fully have this & was left frustrated.  It was only when I began my alternative treatment, that I got help.  My Bioresonance Specialist has been amazing! His advice & care over the past year has been such a life line for me & has also increased my understanding of what is wrong with me.

Also in March of this year, I finally got my appointment with the CFS Clinic (I will admit I cried when I got that letter, I'd waited well over a year) After reading other peoples experience on their time with them, I was sure that they would help me even more in how to manage my M.E better than I was doing & for the most part, they really have. I feel like I understand how to pace better, though I still do fail sometimes. I've got more of a routine back in my life now & that's thanks to being shown how to plan my weeks out better by writing it all out & learning to balance the small activities with vital rest & relaxation periods.

Weekly Planner
There's so much more that has helped me get to grips with this illness, though my body does still like to baffle me at times. But the things I've mentioned have been the key ones for me personally & the ones I've seen help me the most with starting my recovery.

I am still always on the hunt for advice in managing my M.E & I was actually sent an article a little while ago that I found really insightful & helpful. It includes some fantastic advice & I only wish I'd had this article two years ago!

Not everything mentioned is applicable to M.E as it's written for people with Chronic Illness in general by someone with a Chronic Illness.  So since I try my best to pay it forward & help others when I can, I wanted to share it with you all, my lovely readers.  Simply click on the link below & have a read. 

Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness

I hope my fellow Spoonies find it as helpful as I did.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  Also if you've any other tips or tricks on managing your Chronic Illness, please also leave them in the comments below as they may help someone else.

Take care,

L x