Princesses, Tea Parties, Undies & Go Blue - M.E Awareness!

Many of my wonderful fellow M.E Warriors are doing a massive amount of Awareness & Fund raising for M.E Awareness Month, Week & Day.

I thought with this post I'd just highlight a few groups that are working hard in this area, despite dealing this awful illness themselves. Also the ones I've chosen to mention have ways that everybody can get involved with, even those of us that also have to live with this awful illness.

First up are Team Princess, led by the gorgeous Queen Sian, whose blog is well worth a read: How to Deal with ME

Photo Credit: Team Princess Instagram Account

"Team Princess are a group of sufferers and their supporters that become Princesses for the day on M.E awareness day in a bid to raise awareness of this villain of an illness that has locked us away from the world. And fund raise for the charities that support sufferers and their families." (taken from one of their fund raising pages)

On M.E Awareness Day, they dress up as their chosen Princesses & take part in The Princesses & M.E Event.  I'm friends with a few of these ladies & they have been so incredibly welcoming & supportive from the moment I ventured into the Spoonie/M.E Community almost 3 years ago now, when I was looking for help after my diagnosis.

So below is a list of Social Media Links to help you learn more about Team Princess:

Facebook - MEPrincesses

Instagram - @teamprincessofficial

Twitter - @teamprincess4ME

What is lovely about Team Princess is that they don't just support one M.E charity, because there are number of Princesses, they support a number of different ones. The following are all the Fund raising Links for all there Princesses & their chosen Charities;

Action for M.E, reMEmber, ME Research UK, ME Association, Invest in ME & AYME

Tymes Trust

Smile for M.E

Hope 4 ME & Fibro NI

Dressing up as a Princess isn't just for those doing the fund raising; if you enjoy dressing up & want to be a Princess for the day, then you can show your support by donning a tiara, snapping a photograph of yourself & posting it across any of your chosen Social Media using the hashtags #teamprincess & #theprincessesandME on Thursday 12th May 2016!

The second fund raising activity I want draw your attention to is Blue Sunday, (being held on 15th May 2016) which was started by the lovely Anna to raise money for the ME Association & to mark International M.E Awareness Week back in 2013. As well as a holding a tea party herself, which has grown so much that Anna now hires a local village hall to hold her event, there is also virtual tea party for all of those who can't make the actually event but want to show their support. This event has since been adopted by the M.E Association & there are now a few being held around the country.

Photo Credit Anna Jones
Now unbeknownst to Anna, her blog was actually the first one I came across & read while on my hunt for information in the beginning of ongoing M.E journey & if you are reading this & are just starting out in your own M.E journey, I recommend giving it a read: Life in the Slowlane with ME

To find out more information about Blue Sunday or if you're thinking you'd like to actually attend the tea party, then you can head to the events Facebook page for more information:

Blue Sunday Facebook Event Page

If you'd like to make a donation in support of the event, then you can do so by heading to the Blue Sunday 2016 Just Giving Page

Alternatively, if you can't attend the main event, Anna is holding a virtual tea party again this year so you can join in from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is grab a cup of tea (or other beverage of your choice) & a piece of cake (or two), take a photograph of you enjoying it & then share it across your chosen Social Media Platforms using the hashtags #BlueSunday2016  & #teapartyforME

This next one is a group that I've just come across trying to raise awareness & funds for an M.E Charity & so wanted to mention is the Undies on the Outside Challenge.

Photo Credit: Undies on the Outside
According to their website, the idea comes from the fact that Superheroes wear their undies on the outside & to live with this illness, you have to be a Superhero! This is a concept I am completely on board with!

The website also states that "Wearing underwear on the outside symbolises bringing an invisible illness, which is usually hidden away, out into the open."

So if you fancy yourself a Superhero & want to take the challenge, then head to the Undies on the Outside website to find out more.

I've also linked their Social Media Sites below for you to check out & get involved that way.  There's also pictures of the people that have already taken part on there:

Undies on the Outside Facebook Page

Undies on the Outside Twitter

Undies on the Outside Instagram

Finally, another really easy way of joining in & showing some support to everyone that has to live with M.E, is by simply wearing something Blue on Thursday 12th May, the official M.E Awareness Day, taking a photograph of yourself & sharing it across your Social Media with the hashtags #MEAwareness & #goblueforME

Those are just a few of the many fund raising events & challenges that are going right now for M.E Awareness Month, Week & Day. There are many more fundraisers going on & plenty more people raising awareness. But hopefully the ones I've mentioned may have inspired you to get involved by joining in or donating to one or more of these causes.

So no matter what you choose to do for M.E Awareness Month, Week & Day, please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by all that have to live with this illness.

I hope all my fellow M.E Warriors are having as good as day as possible & are taking care.

Lo x