Goodbye Chronic Fatigue & ME

You may have noticed my Blog has a new name & you may be asking why. Well simply because I decided I needed a change & a bit of a revamp.

As I stated in my last post, I've had quite a bit going on that needed my energy & attention & so this place has had to be left for a while. I'm hoping to get back to scheduling time to write more from mid-October. Even though I've got a nice list of post subjects ready for me to begin writing, I do feel like I get a bit stuck at times on things to write about.

I realised I'm kind of pigeon holed myself into thinking that this blog should purely be about my chronic illness & all the things associated with that. That is the reason why I started this blog, to document my life with illness, however, this can be a little bit limiting.

This has moved me into deciding that even though my main posts with be M.E related, I mean, there's no escaping an illness that affects every aspect of your life. But I'm always going to try & write about life in general & what I'm up to on any given day & hopefully I'll be able to broaden the subjects on which I'm writing about. This should hopefully mean I'll be writing more often.

So goodbye "Chronic Fatigue & ME & hello "Lo's Life With M.E"
I've also changed to a nice Autumnal background to welcome in the changing season!

I hope you're all doing well & I'll hopefully be back with a lovely new post for you all to read in October.

Take care,

L x