Let's Talk Bioresonance: Part 5 - 2 Year Update

{Disclaimer: This is my own experience with this treatment, other people's experience may be different. I am in no way promoting this treatment & telling you to have it as it's a miracle cure. I am simply giving information & sharing my experience. Medical care & treatment is a personal matter & what works for one person, may not work for all. Also the fact that someone chooses a treatment that you may not agree with, does not make that treatment wrong.}

One of the main reasons people contact me via this blog is to ask about the Bioresonance treatment I have written a few posts on. The main question I get asked is "has it worked?" My usual answer to that is that I'm still undergoing the treatment but that I've seen a huge improvement!

Back in June of this year I reached the 2 year mark of having the treatment & when I look back at how my health was before I began, to how it is now, there's a pretty big difference! My health was deteriorating rapidly, I was pretty much becoming bed-bound & (although I didn't realise it) I was heading for organ failure. A  dark room &/or in a hospital bed were in my near future. Such is the nature of severe M.E!

Hand tools
Two years on, though still far from my expected recovery rate of around 80%, my organs aren't going to fail on me & although the M.E does send me to my bed some days, I'm not there as often as I was. I still have to plan & pace everything that I want or need to do, however, my baseline has increased. I've noticed the length of the Post Excursion Malaise I experience after any activity has lessened. Two years ago, one small activity would put me to bed for a good week or more, now I may only be in bed for about two days.

These are big improvements in the scheme of things & means that for a length of time, my body is beginning to be able to sustain a slight increase in activity before crashing. I've found that this past year my body seems to be in a cycle of about two descent months & two bad months, which to be honest, I'm pretty happy with considering two years ago when I was having treatment fortnightly, that was basically the only activity I could do, apart from the small necessary daily tasks.

Rayonex Bioresonance Machine
Another area I can see progression is in my treatment plan. When I first started I was having intense treatment every fortnight, with added home treatment. Then a year ago, my Specialist said that my body was ready to go down to a monthly treatment with him, but with an added home program. So I now have smaller less intense treatments, three times a week, & then travel to my specialist for one main intensive treatment. The best thing about the home treatments is that although I have a set program to treat my main issues, my Specialist can tailor them, if necessary, to how I am on any given day or what I've got going on within the week.

Doing this new treatment for the past year has shown a good number of improvements within my body's systems; the amount of Epstein Barr Virus in my system has dramatically decreased & my immune system is beginning to handle itself much better when I end up with "normal people" germs, just to mention a couple.

Energising water with frequencies for extra daily treatment
There are a few things that still need a lot of work & really that isn't surprising when you consider just how ill I was at the beginning of all this. My heart & circulatory system for example, although there has been improvement over the course of the two years, there's still a huge amount that needs fixing. The problem mainly lies with my heart, it beats slower & weaker than it should & so this has a knock on affect to my circulatory system because the heart isn't pumping the blood around my body as effectively as it should be. But here's the kicker...

Due to the damage my Specialist can read via his Bioresonance machine, it seems likely that this problem isn't all M.E's fault! From the looks of it, I've had this issue either from birth or from around the age of 3 & is damage caused by the first bout of Pneumonia I had! So I've lived with this pretty much all my life & yet it's never effected me in the slightest {Apart from a few years, I've always been very active} until the M.E struck & worsened about 3 or 4 years ago. When he told me this, I was pretty surprised but also amazed that not one Doctor has ever picked up on it! But hey ho, I know that in time, with the help of the Bioresonance it'll be sorted & until then, I'll just deal with the weird feeling palpitations, feelings of going in slow motion & missing a breath or two from time to time.

Frequency 66.60 works wonders for severe pain!
So "has it worked?"

Well for me, yes, the Bioresonance is working to improve my health & little by little it continues to do so. I'm forever grateful to my amazing Specialist for all his hard work & efforts in helping me. There are many things that I have accomplished over this past year that simply would not have been possible without his help & treatment!

I hope all my fellow M.E & Spoonie Warriors are all as well as can be. Never forget you're all amazing & strong to keep going with everything your illness throws at you!

Take care,

L x