2o16 Look Back

It's that time of year when most reflect on the year we are leaving, looking back at the things they've done & what they have or have not achieved. I'll admit, I'm no different. As someone who struggles with anxiety, going into a new year of unknowns can seem pretty scary. I'm not one of those "New Year, New Me" people. I don't make resolutions I can't stick to & I don't celebrate "bringing in the new year."

So why do I reflect back over the year that's ending? Well, for a poorly person, where days seem to blend into one & progress in your recovery can be so hard to track & monitor on a daily basis, reflecting on the year can help you see how you're doing health wise & if there's any changes that need to made to treatments, medications, diets, that sort of thing.

I find the easiest way for me to see how my year has gone is to scroll back through my personal Instagram. It's my visual record of what my year has been, I don't document everything on there, but I do share some things related to my health, treatments & life in general.

So according to Instagram & my iffy memory, how has this year been?

Well overall, dare I say on a personal level, it's been a good one. Yes, it's been full of ups & downs but I have a number of things to be proud of & done things that are progressing my photography related goals this year;

Photograph on display at The Photography Show 
  • I attended one day & three day Assemblies.
  • One of my photographs was featured in a gallery at The Photography Show in March & I attended the show.
  • I enrolled & passed a 5 Course Photography Specialisation.
  • Another one of my photographs was part of an exhibition at Michigan State University in November/December.
  • I did my second Maternity photo shoot.
  • I registered & took part in a photography business webinar.
  • I stood on the beach for first time since becoming chronically ill, 3-4 years ago.
Photograph on display at Michigan State University 

Those are a few of the bigger things I managed to achieve this past year. I'm so very proud of myself for every single one of them because, while doing those things to most people wouldn't be a big deal, to someone who has to deal with symptoms & complications of a never ending disease, those things become much harder than you think & yet, I've done them!

Looking at that list {which doesn't include everything I've done} I can see that my health & recovery aren't doing too bad either. Yes, I've had to deal with the consequences of each thing I've been able to do this year but I'm coping better with the smaller things. The Post Excursion Malaise for some things isn't as bad & that shows that I'm in slow recovery again {finally out of the big set back that started last year} & also that I'm listening to my body more & managing my condition much better.

Last of Autumn Leaves

Yes I've had many down times, I've struggled, I've allowed the P.E.M to get the better of me, I've wanted to give up, but I haven't. I've kept going each day, I'm learning to embrace the days I'm simply not okay & go with it & I'm just as proud of myself for that as I am for the things listed above.

Even though this year isn't ending as well as it started: I've been struggling with various viruses, {I have some weird cold/virus right now.} a low immune system, thyroid issues, generally feeling run down since October, this year has been one to remember for many reasons. I just hope that 2o17 will be filled with similar or better achievements personally.
Winter Silhouettes
{I know on a bigger scale, regarding the things going on in the world, this year has basically been awful & in that way, I'm very glad this year is over.}

I know this time of year can be a struggle for my fellow spoonies & I hope you're all doing okay & getting the rest you need to cope. I really hope, on a personal level, this past year has been kind to you. I also hope that 2o17 will be even kinder to you.

Take care,

L x