YooHoo Mail

I'm a huge stationery lover. If I didn't have good self-control {I mean if I had lots of money, I don't have much control when it comes to stationery} I'd have so many notebooks, pens, pencils & all things stationery, that I'd need a room just to put it all in! So when I randomly came across an advert from YooHoo Mail on Facebook back in October, I was just a little curious & did what I normally don't do with Facebook adverts...

I hit the link & discovered a lovely world of Stationery Subscription Boxes!

Now there seems to be a subscription box for everything now a days, most of them are beauty related, which as someone who has too many slightly varying shades of red lipstick {if there is such a thing as too many red lipsticks} & skin that is so beyond sensitive, I don't see the point in subscribing to something that I'm likely not going to be able to use. But the YooHoo Mail Subscription box... Now that was something I could totally get into without a skin allergy as a side affect!


YooHoo Mail is run by Gemma & each month she designs the most gorgeous stationery & although she's based in the U.K, she can ship worldwide. I'm not sure about international delivery costs, but shipping is free for the U.K. The stationery is wrapped so nicely, you can tell Gemma really takes pride in her business.

The great thing about YooHoo Mail is that you have the option of buying a one off box for £10 or get a 3 months subscription for £30. Each box contains a great amount of different products which vary each month but usually includes any of the following:

  • Greetings Cards
  • Co-ordinating Envelopes
  • Art Prints
  • Notecards/Postcards
  • Planner pages
  • To Do Lists
  • Gift Tags
  • Recipe Cards
  • Menu Blanks and Place Settings

It's such amazing value for money, especially since now a days a lovely card & envelope can set you back between £3 - £5! Getting around 5 beautiful, any occasion, good quality cards plus lots more for only £10 is fabulous! Each months box is themed & all the products are based around that. The boxes I've bought so far have been the "Scandi", "Sweet Little Stories" & "Happy Hello".

It's nice that with each box, I'm building up a good selection of greetings cards {a number of which I've already sent} because as someone who has to mainly rely on others to take me to shop, having a number of cards & extras delivered to my door, means I can write & send cards without having to pester someone to first go to the shop to choose a card.

If you have a nosey on the YooHoo Mail site, you'll notice that there's not just the subscription boxes to buy. Gemma also has Monogram Art Prints {£12.50} & Pin badges {£4.50}

Telephone Pin Badge
If I've peeked your interest, then you can head to www.yoohoohq.co.uk & take a look at what's on offer. I also recommend following YooHoo Mail on social media as this, along with signing up for the newsletter is the best way to know when the new boxes or products are available & to also get a sneak peek at what the box contains. {Instagram, Twitter & Facebook}

So if you love stationery & enjoying sending cards & letters to your friends, then this is definitely the subscription box for you!

I hope you're all doing well & taking care,

L x