Bath Time 2.0

Back in 2013 I wrote about this great idea I'd had about taking baths to try to help relax me. {click here to read}  However, it didn't take long though for me to stop "relaxing" in the tub & the number of baths I took became less as the weeks went on. The main reason was because I was in so much pain that I couldn't relax or get comfy. Back then I had days where even my bed didn't feel comfy, so there was no way a bathtub was going to be.

However, over the past year, my pain levels have lessened but my ability to relax is still rubbish & for someone who has M.E & struggles with anxiety, that isn't a good thing. So I revisited the bath situation & this time, with the help of some great LUSH products, it's been a bit more successful. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite bath products with you, to hopefully give you some inspiration if you're looking for a way to enjoy having a bath a bit more, especially if you're a poorly person struggling to relax & enjoy them.

First up is the bath bomb, Twilight

This is my favourite bath bomb & scent that LUSH make as I absolutely adore the scent of lavender, I find it so relaxing & comforting. Having a bath in the evening using this will definitely help you have a decent nights sleep. Another plus to this product is that along with Lavender Oil, it also contains Benzoin Resinoid; amongst other things, it has natural anti inflammatory properties which help soothe aching muscles, which is great for people with M.E & similar chronic illnesses. {Read more about Benzoin Resinoid}

My second favourite is the bubble bar, French Kiss

Using this gives a lovely amount of bubbles for your bath & like Twilight, French Kiss is packed with Lavender. It smells glorious & the extra virgin coconut oil in it leave your skin feeling so lovely & soft. There's also Thyme oil in this product which is a natural antiseptic & disinfectant. According to the LUSH site, "Thyme acts as a natural tranquiliser as it contains carvacrol which has a tonic effect on the nerve centres", another benefit for those of us with an on edge nervous system! {Read more about Thyme here}

Another "go-to" product I like to use is the Bunch Of Carrots
I try to stock up on this one as it's only available at this time of year.

I won't witter on about this one as I did write a post on these last year {Click to read my post} These are nice to use along with Twilight if I'm especially achy & have a bath to try & help relax my muscles & nervous system.

Those three are my main bath products, but I do on occasion use, as a luxury treat, the bath melt Ceridwen's Cauldron Ceridwen's Cauldron

I definitely recommend this one if you have dry & sensitive skin. It's full of Oats & Oat Milk which help soothe the skin & what I really like about this is after the product has fully melted, you can use the Muslim bag to wash your skin & get the best out of the Oat Milk.

I also finally tried the Unicorn Horn this week {I know I'm super late to the party on this one!}

Sadly it's only available around the beginning of February {it's not on the LUSH website anymore} & I only have one left so it'll be used on a very special occasion. My first impression is that it is lovely & I wish I'd try this sooner. The only negative is that, unlike Twilight & French Kiss which leave you smelling of lavender, I found the scent didn't linger for long, though this might be because the one I used, I'd had for a very long time so this might change with the newer one.

So those are just a few of the products that I like to use to help me to relax in the bath & they all have ingredients that help ease a few of the symptoms of my condition. If you have another bath products, LUSH or otherwise that you find helpful, please let me know.

Oh before I go, can we just take a moment to appreciate the prettiness of this LUSH bag, I think it's a nicest one I've got & I really don't want to throw it away!

Hope you're all taking care & doing well.

L x