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May Wrap Up

The end of May brought with the end of M.E Awareness Month and in all honesty my time and energy has been taken up mainly with that so I don't have a whole lot of things to share really but I will tell you about a few stand out things...

Health Update:

My throat is still being weird. On and off through May I've woken with a sore throat exactly like I did in April, sorer than a "normal" M.E sore throat but nothing much has come of it. My skin seems to have settled a bit now but the Pollen is still killing me, as I'm sure it is everyone else with allergies! I try to keep my window closed on high pollen days but with the weather been a lot warmer over the past week, that has been harder to do and so I'm back living in the haze that Anti-Histamines bring! I'm basically counting the days until the rain comes again!

Book ~ Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

I managed to finish a couple of books this month, the second of which I'll be writing a full review on for …

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