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"This Mortal Coil" / "This Cruel Design " ~ Emily Suvada {Book Review}

Where do I even begin with these books!? I absolutely loved them both & have already pre- ordered the next one, though waiting until January 2020 is going to be difficult!
If you are interested in Science, Technology & Genetics then this might be just the series for you! It's described as a STEM {Science Technology Engineering Maths} powered Thriller series & it certainly lives up to that description!

When reading this these books, it was no surprise to learn that Emily Suvada has a background in Science as it really comes across & the way STEM is an integral part of the plot of both books & I'm sure also the third, has been brilliantly done. Something else I wasn't surprised to learn is that Emily likes watching Star Trek as the use of technology within the Human body reminded me a bit of the Borg. {Fellow Trekkies will understand!}
Before I share my thoughts on the Series, let me share with you an over view of both books based on the synopsis from the ba…

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