Let's Talk Bioresonance: Part 4 - 1 Year Update

Disclaimer: This is my own experience with this treatment, other people's experience may be different. I am in no way promoting this treatment & telling you to have it as it's a miracle cure. I am simply giving information & sharing my experience. Medical care & treatment is a personal matter & what works for one person, may not work for all. Also the fact that someone chooses a treatment that you may not agree with, does not make that treatment wrong.

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The 18th June 2014 was the day I had my very first session of Bioresonance treatment. I have been travelling two & a half hours there & back every fortnight for over the past year now. So when the 18th June of this year came around, it was a time to reflect on how far I'd come & how the treatment had helped my M.E. 
The day before I'd actually had a round of intense treatment & while there, I was talking about my progress with my Specialist. From how seriously ill I was when I first started to how I am now is actually quite massive;
When I first started, my M.E was rapidly progressing towards its severest form, my organs were all damaged & my body was not functioning as it should. I was already for the most part housebound & was heading towards becoming bed bound. My specialist told me that if I'd not started treatment when I did, my future would have likely been one of hospitalisation, dark rooms, feeding tubes & complete isolation from the world around me.
Now, I'm beginning to attempt activities that I could only have dreamt of doing again a year ago. These aren't crazy active things either, these are the "simple" things; the managing a shower everyday, being able to get my own breakfast & make a cup of tea things. I've even been able to drive a little more again (went for a 30 minute drive today!) & also been brave enough to go on short shopping trips! The things a healthy person takes for granted.
As well as starting to have the energy to be little more active, I've also noticed a few symptoms begin to subside over the year; The horrible flu feeling, the tingling restless leg feeling, even the "M.E throat" have all lessened over the past year. But I think the biggest improvements I've noticed have to be related to the pain I experience & also to the P.E.M that comes after activity; 
Regarding pain; everyday I would wake up in agony & struggle to barely move. I'd take the strongest painkillers I could handle & even then I would still have an ache to deal with. But now, I'm managing mainly on paracetamol a couple of times a day. My strongest painkillers are now for emergencies only, when I've really overdone it & my body is in a full blown M.E paddy.
As for the P.E.M; I've definitely noticed an improvement. I would maybe go on a short outing somewhere on a "good" day & then spend a full week in bed hardly being able to move. Now, I can go on short outings & even though I still experience P.EM, the intensity isn't as bad & the recovery time has gone from a week to maybe a day or two of proper bed rest & another staying around home doing a some daily tasks including even getting a shower. By day four I'm usually back to my "normal" level of energy & feeling up to doing slightly more.
So the improvements are certainly there to see & I can feel the difference in my body. It's definitely not been easy & there have been plenty on times while making the trip fortnightly I've had to hold back the tears because I was so done with it all. I was so done with being ill, to have to have treatment because I was ill & overall at times I was just sick & tired of being sick & tired & daily life being such a fight to simply survive.
But you know what? It was usually on those days, that once I got to my appointment, sat in the cosy chair while the Bioresonance did its thing, that my specialist would comment on how well I was doing, how well my body was responding to the treatment & the appointment would always be so positive that I would come away feeling so much better & even more determined to see this thing to the end, even if I didn't know when that would be.
Yes, I will admit that it's taking longer than even I thought it would to be better & not need treatment anymore. But then I think about just how much damage the Epstein Barr Virus has done & how much progress I've made in the past year & actually I'm so proud of myself for sticking this out.
I'm so grateful to the people who first told me about the treatment & to my amazing specialist for putting up with my craziness & constant questions for two or more hours every fortnight! For me personally, it's truly been a life saver & I don't know how I will ever be able to repay them for that. I can see that the future I have before me is going to be a bright one now!

My treatment is still on going, every fortnight. The plan is when my body is ready, I will begin to drop down to every 3 weeks, then once a month, then once every 6 months & then eventually I'll just have a check up maybe once a year to make sure my body is behaving itself & working as it should & that the Epstein Barr Virus hasn't reared its ugly little head again. My specialist & I often joke about how nice it will be when we never have to see each other so regularly!

So all in all things are going well & I'm excited to see how much more progress I'll have made this time next year!

If any of you have any questions regarding this treatment please feel free to leave me a comment or message me. I will say that if you are seriously considering this treatment, then you have to be prepared for the fact that it isn't a quick fix, it does take time & regular sessions really are the key to this. Also really listen to what your specialist says, if he/she tells you to rest or slow down, then do it! They are the ones that can see exactly what's going on in your body & they know what is going to help you in the long run to get better. I believe the progress I've made has been help by these two facts.

So I hope this little update has been helpful & I do encourage you, if you've not already to check out my other posts (links above) on this subject as they give more detail on what it's all about, what the Bioresonance machine looks like & how it feels while having the treatment itself.

Take care all of you & have a great day!

L x


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