Catch Ups & Look Backs

I'm so sorry I've been missing for the past 3 months but grab yourself a cup of Tea or beverage of your choice & lets have a little look back over the past year & a general catch up.  This past year I've experienced a few ups & downs, both health wise & personally, but I won't bore you with the personal life stuff.

So at the beginning of this year I finally got my appointment for my CFS Clinic referral. I had appointments monthly from March through to around May. I found these quite helpful as I learnt how to pace, plan (I am planning out a post on this) & in general manage my M.E better.  I will completely admit that I have slipped back a little with properly planning & pacing, I'm going to blame the personal life stuff for that. I am still under the CFS Clinic & I'm due a follow up call in... well actually I was due one last month but not heard anything yet & then from that, I'll be having a review appointment in this coming March, hopefully.

Regarding the main treatment of my M.E, the Bioresonance, this has gone & continues to go well. Everything is slowly coming together, my body is starting to handle itself a bit better & since October, I've been on monthly treatments rather than fortnightly. (There is a bit more to this step that right now, I'm not going into.) This progression in my treatment, although of course, was met with happiness, (I was so beyond happy that my body & condition were at the point of needing less full on treatment) was also was met with overwhelming amounts of fear! I was terrified that I was going to completely screw things up & set myself back. But at my last appointment, a week ago, my specialist said that he's really happy with how things are going health wise & how my body, especially my immune system, is starting to work the way it's suppose to.

This past year, I've been able to do some things I'd not been able to for a long time, like go for walks down the promenade, get out with my camera a bit more & do a bit of driving, just to list a few. My activity level up until the end of September, had been pretty good.  I noticed that I was feeling up to getting out a few more days a week & the Post Excursion Malaise wasn't hitting as bad. My body was handling the activity well & I was pacing pretty well too.  At least I was, until the last two weeks in September, then pacing sort of went out the window. We had visitors & I ended up doing a lot more in two weeks than my little body could handle.  Then I picked up two flu viruses, then a cold & then some more personal life stuff happened & to say I was feeling stressed, anxious, struggling with self worth & confidence & also feeling very sick is kind of an understatement!

Thankfully, the Bioresonance treatment I've been having during this time has definitely been helping & my stress & pain levels have improved over the past couple weeks & I'm currently taking Kalms to help with my anxiety. My night time routine is back & although my sleep has been off, I've found just getting my routine right again has helped & I'm seeing my sleep improve & slowly it's getting back to how it was before September. Even though I've needed to really slow back down, take things a day at a time & not be as active, I've still managed to do a few things & get out; which has definitely helped stop me from going insane, while dealing with quite a low mood at times. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have also seen that I've managed to have a bit of a play with my camera. But for those of you that don't, here's a shot I took last week, while travelling to my Bioresonance appointment last week:

Taken in a moving car (I wasn't driving) on the A65
The past year has certainly been interesting to say the least & these past few months just seem like a never ending stream of stuff I've had to deal with.  This was really not the way I was expecting the year to end at all! But that being said, I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason & if something isn't a blessing, then it's likely a lesson & I've definitely learnt a lot this past year! The things that have happened, especially the personal life stuff, have certainly made me realise a few things about myself.  They've made me a stronger person & shown me that I don't back down or run away when things get hard, I keep going & do my best to deal with whatever is being thrown at me. These things have also helped me see the importance of self protection & care, that negativity can hamper recovery & therefore has no place in my life.

So, even though it's hard, all this is helping me to cast off & leave behind a number of things that no longer have a place in my life going forward (this is a working progress & takes time, so I'm also learning to be patient with myself!).  My focus for this coming year is well & truly back on my recovery & the goals that go with it!

2015 you've been full of lessons & I thank you for those, 2016 you are my fresh start & I'm excited to get going!

L x


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