Spoonie Review: LUSH Bunch of Carrots

I live in that strange space between never wanting to change my beauty & bath products & always looking for something new to try & being brave enough to! This is simply because my skin mimics my personality; just like I can be awkward & picky at times, so too can my skin. It's quite sensitive & will even react to products that I may have been using for years!

So it's all trial & error when it comes to new things, it always has been. But when I find something that works wonders, I like to share & spread the love as I know some of you are just as or even more sensitive than I am, so finding something that works for me, might work for you & if I can help someone else, then I'm happy!

Now since becoming ill, I not only browse for things that will help my skin or be nice in my bath, if they can also help with any of my M.E symptoms, then all the better! So when browsing the LUSH website for new products I always check through all the ingredients, not just to check that there's nothing I might react too but to also see what they can actually help with.

While doing this a month ago, I came across one of their Easter products, Bunch of Carrots. Now I know telling you about a product that is only available for a limited time might not be the best idea when doing a product review & yes I maybe should have written this sooner but its not really the product I want to tell you about, it's one of the ingredients.

As I was looking through the ingredients of Bunch of Carrots, checking if there was anything I was allergic too & looking for something that might be M.E friendly, one ingredient immediately caught my eye:

Buchu Oil

The main benefits of this oil is that it's an antiseptic & it's an anti-inflammatory! It's was the latter that perked my interest!

For anyone living with chronic pain either in their joints, muscles or both, anything with anti-inflammatory properties is usually on their most wanted list (well it is mine) as it can hopefully help ease the amount of pain in their body & give a little bit of relief, even if that relief is just for a little while.

The LUSH website describes Buchu as a small evergreen shrub native to South Africa. The smell of the oil is described as being a strong blackcurrant & minty odour. Now mixed with the other oils & ingredients used in the Carrots, the smell of the oil isn't over powering & adds a nice fresh rejuvenating smell to them.

So curious to see if this oil could help ease my pain, I purchased a Bunch of Carrots (my lovely mum got me them) & that same day had a bath to see if this Buchu Oil could help ease my very painful little body...

The Carrots come in a bunch of three & are reusable bubble bars (I get two baths from each carrot)  It bubbled up nicely & gave the water a lovely silky feeling & after a few minutes of being in the bath I started to feel my pain lessen a bit & began feeling more relaxed. The Buchu Oil definitely did what I was hoping it would & even though the whole activity of having a bath left me feeling very exhausted as I was struggling with high amounts of PEM that day, my pain level was better that before I went in the bath!

Due to the how much these wonderful little Carrots have helped, my lovely mum surprised me with 3 more bunches! Which I was so incredibly grateful for since they are a seasonal product, though they are still for sale on the LUSH Website at the moment, if you want to grab some to try for yourself: Bunch of Carrots

LUSH also does another product with Buchu Oil in it, the Respect Your Elders Soap, which I'm quite interested to give a try at some point just to see if it has a similar soothing effect as the Bunch of Carrots.

I also recommend having a Google of Buchu Oil as there are a number of products out there that contain this nature anti-inflammatory, I even found a Tea! I have to admit seeing so many things it's included in made me feel like I'd been living under a rock & I had one of those "Why haven't I heard about this before?" moments!

So overall, as LUSH products go, I definitely recommend the Bunch of Carrots, they're a lovely little product & really wish they were an all year round item. Even without the added M.E friendly aspect, this product is a great one & also very good value for money at £6.25 for 3 & depending on how bubbly you like your baths, you're getting about 6 baths for that!

They really do deserve 5 out of 5 Spoons!

L x


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