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Having somewhere as your safe haven, where you feel cosy & comfortable is important. We all need somewhere to retreat to when we need time alone or when we're not having a good health day. For most people this space is their bedroom, I know it's mine & it always has been.

At the end of last year, after, I'm not sure how many years {yeah it's been that long} I decided to redecorate my little safe haven & I thought I'd give you a room tour of sorts. I don't have a before picture of my room but my colour scheme was cream & brown with red to add some colour. I liked how my room was but it was looking tired {like its inhabitant} & definitely ready for a change. I was very ready a change & since I didn't want a drastic change, like cutting off my hair, {I love my long hair} I decided the next best thing to change was the surroundings I stare at the most & need to find the most cosy & comfortable, my bedroom.

I've linked everything, {like my furniture & any other bits that I've bought new} at the end of the post so if you see something that catches your eye, you know where to find it. If there's something you see but I haven't linked, just ask & I'll let you know where it's from.

Welcome to my room!

Bedside Drawers

Finally have a desk again!
Copper Clock & Personal Planner

Fancy Tube Chair
Drawers for my photo kit, other tech & general stuff.

Lens Box, Light Jar & Camera moneybox

Bookcase & Cat stuff

Copper & wood LED Lantern


DVD collection & my lovely drawing of McKay by @chloeclik

More books
Yankee Candle: Sweet & Salty Caramel. Best.Smelling.Candle.EVER!

Drawers for clothes
Box of brushes, make-up, another Jar light & Fish!
TV Unit
Copper Lamp Shade

Curtains & Wallpaper
Bedspreads, throws & pillows make a bed much more cosy & warm!

New additions: Aloe Vera & Philaenopsis Orchid

New addition: Derek, the Sox Monkey. A gift from my mum for passing my photo course.
It's amazing what a change of scenery can do, especially when you're a poorly person, like me & spend many, many days staring at the same four walls a lot. Redecorating my room is like someone going off on holiday because they need a change. It's made my safe haven feel cosy & comfortable again.

If you're feeling ready for a change of scenery, but can't go away, then try changing a few things in your current surroundings, you may find that helps make you feel cosy in your surroundings again. Sometimes all you need is a new cosy blanket, fluffy socks, new pj's & maybe even a new mug to drink your tea from. I know those things help me & they may help you too.

I hope you're all doing well & taking care.

L x

Wallpaper  Grey Duvet Set  Candle  Lantern  Clock

Teddy Bear Throw  Bedspread  Curtains  Lamp  Lamp Shade

Nordic 5+2 Drawer Chest  Nordic 3 Drawer Bedside Chest

Nordice 6+6 Drawer Chest  Desk  Tube Chair

Maine Bookcase  Maine T.V Unit  Multi Purpose Wooden Pet Den


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