Blue Sunday 2020 ~ Animal Crossing Tea Party!

ID: Graphic with blue background and the words "Blue Sunday 2020" on it, with a tea cup and a  teapot.

M.E Awareness Week always finishes with Blue Sunday. This year that was on Sunday the 17th May. Coordinated by the lovely Anna from M.E, myself and I  it's a day when many in the M.E Community, along with their family and friends, come together virtually, have tea and cake {or a beverage and treat of your own choice} and raise some funds for the M.E Association.

Many of us also hold little parties ourselves with our family members, and this year due to the current lockdown situation, most of these were also done virtually. Personally, my lovely Mum and Brother arranged a family Zoom Tea Party and a few of my family were able to attend. It was lovely to see them, to have their support and have a nice little chat before I had to head off to host another two virtual tea parties.

ID: an image of a screen with some of Louise's
family members enjoying some time together
From the beginning of May, I decided it would be fun to support the M.E Association's #GoBlue4ME campaign by dressing my little Animal Crossing character in Blue each day and sharing the picture on my Twitter and my Instagram. I then had the idea to host a Tea Party within the game, which then grew to hosting two Tea Parties! I decided to have two because I wanted one for just people with M.E which would be a very laid back, quiet, gathering and I set the dress code as Blue Pyjamas or Lounge Wear. Then the second one would be for people without M.E from the Pocket Pod Animal Crossing Community I am a part of. The dress code for that would be simply to wear something Blue.

I've set up Blue Sunday Tea Party scenes in my Pocket Camp game for the last couple of years, but this would be the first year that I would host a party with other players being able to join it. Also as this would be a first ever Blue Sunday Animal Crossing Tea Party, {that I am aware of} I wanted to make sure everything would be perfect!

I spent the couple of weeks leading up to the parties, ordering and making the items I would need; from tables and chairs to tea sets and food items. I designed a Blue Sunday sign which I put on the table cloths and the stalls and also I laid it on the beach to make a little photo area. I also designed a little tea party sign that my guests could follow to get to the event area.

The Friday before the parties, I began to set up the area, I even moved most of my blue flowers to help decorate the area. I also set up some rest areas with a couple of hammocks on my beaches, a wheelchair, and a couple of beds. I customised them all with my Blue Sunday design. Doing this all on Friday, meant I could rest up a bit on the Saturday before the actual events. All I needed to on the Sunday morning was to go around my island hiding a few bags of bells {the money in the game} for my guests to find ~ I did this for each party, so after the first one, I hid more bells ready for the next one.

ID: Photos of Louise's nephew with his two children having tea & cake.
Two Animal Crossing Characters wearing blue outfits.
Photo of cakes, a kettle and 3 cups.
The first party was just as relaxed as I had hoped and it was so nice because aside from two of the people that attended, the other three players I'd never met before. The M.E Association has been wonderful in supporting this event and my Go Blue 4 ME efforts in the game and these three players came from seeing those posts and it was lovely to meet a few new people within the M.E Community. My guests enjoyed "tea and food", did a little bit of shopping and chatted with my Villagers. We finished with a little tour of my house and Museum, while they also had a little hunt for the hidden treasure around my island. Everyone went home with some bells, which I was really pleased with!

I then had about 2 hours of rest and quiet before I got myself set up for my next party which started at 6pm BST. Since the Pocket Pod Community has a Discord, we used one of the audio channels on there to chat while the event was going on. Being able to hear everyone and talk just added an extra element to the party which I loved, especially since apart from two other players being the UK like myself, the others were all in the US.

This event was definitely more high energy than the first, {which I expected} there were net fights and item dropping and swapping {all of which were blue to fit the theme of the event!} We all ended up in my house at one point, where everyone enjoyed napping on my bed! After that we then ended up in my Museum {Poor Blathers, the Owl who curates the Museum, didn't know what had hit him!} We had so much fun checking out all the different sections and chatting about fish, bugs, fossils and art ~ we are a cultured bunch really, well when we're not hitting each other with nets!

After a couple of hours of island fun, everyone went home and I took Little Lo off to bed, well after I went round my house, turning off all the lights and my kitchen appliances that someone had turned on! {It's okay, I'm sending them my electric bill hehe}

ID: Pictures of different Animal Crossing characters wearing blue
and enjoying a tea party together.
Although I was completely exhausted and could feel many of my symptoms beginning to flare by the time I got myself into bed, I was incredibly happy and proud of what I had managed to achieve! I was so happy that both events went really well and everyone said they had a great time. The PEM I began to experience from Monday, was definitely worth it. I spent that day mostly reading in a room just light enough to see my book. Tuesday, I managed to make it to the sofa in the lounge for the afternoon and watched a little bit of TV and had some time on my Animal Crossing Island cleaning up my event area and giving away a few of the items I'd used. {does anyone out there want 8 blue Wooden Chairs?}

The icing on the cake {pun totally intended} from these three Blue Sunday Tea Parties that I was able to be apart of and host was that, despite the current situation having an impact on people's income, a number of my family members and friends from the Pocket Pod community all donated to Anna's Just Giving page I admit I pretty much cried at every donation and also cried along with Anna when she shared on Social Media that she had received over £4000 in donations! Her target amount was £1000 {which was reached Saturday night!} and now, at the time of writing this {Wednesday 20th May} the donation amount has reached £5600!

This money will help go towards research, finding a treatment and hopefully a cure for M.E and I am so incredibly grateful to every single person who decided to donate.

So while still feeling completely exhausted and doubt I'll feel more my "normal" for another day or so, it was one of the best Blue Sunday's I've experienced since my first proper one back in 2015! So much so, that I have decided to make Animal Crossing Blue Sunday an annual event!

On that note, I want to say a massive thank you to all my family members who joined in the Zoom Tea Party, your support means everything to me! Also a massive thank you to those who came along to the Animal Crossing Blue Sunday events as you all helped make these events a huge success and again your support means the world to me:

  • Charlotte
  • Katherine
  • Annie
  • Dolly
  • Helen
  • Joelle
  • Sarah
  • Leesh
  • Stevie
  • Lauren
  • Hydro
I can't wait for next years parties!

Finally I just want to let everyone one that you still have time to donate to Anna's Just Giving page {link below} as she leaves it open for a good while after the event, so if you want to donate, you still can.

Once May is over I'm going to collect all my Go Blue 4 ME Animal Crossing outfits and tea party pictures and put them into a page on here, so you will be able to browse through them.

I hope those of you that joined in Blue Sunday had a lovely time and the PEM you likely experienced if you also have M.E wasn't too bad and everything is easing off now.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Drink Tea. Eat Cake.

L x

Anna's Just Giving Page


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